Friday, October 12, 2007

Home Away from Home

We made it to Riverside last night with an easy ride. Six hours and fifteen minutes, I think that's a record. Bella is getting used to the car and was perfectly content in her little kennel on the kid's lap. Even when he let her out, she sat on his lap or on my shoulder (during construction rubbernecking) driving through Birmingham. We even made it in time to sneak over to Big Daddy's, our favorite little restaurant, for a quick dinner.

Riverside is doing well. It was just as we had left it. I never know what to expect each time we open the door from being away for so long. We do have a friend who comes out and spends weekends occasionally. I spy his boat still docked in the boat house, so I suppose the season isn't really over quite yet. I so enjoy seeing (mostly middle-aged) couples tootling down the river at this time of the morning, mister at the helm and the misses back at the stern co-piloting. This is my favorite view from the house. It is as peaceful as peaceful can be.

I woke up this morning and flung open all the windows. The temperature is perfect. Nice and cool with a breeze. In all actuality, the house didn't seem too stuffy this time. I guess the heat had broken so it wasn't 100 degrees when we opened her up. I pulled all my "supplies" that had been bundled up in the fridge and boiled some water for my tea. I have decided that I am totally off coffee. I normally drink one cup a day. Yesterday was so busy that I didn't have one until I was halfway here, a cup I purchased earlier in the morning and just never had time to take a sip. I didn't have a hot flash all day --dun dun dun-- until I took a sip of my then-cold coffee. I broke out in my normal flash sweat. So, that did it. I made the decision then that I really need to get off the caffeine. These hot flashes drive me crazy when I'm in public and all of a sudden I start sweating like I had just jogged around the block. Off it!

Our old dog Rootie is not doing well. Monday, I had purchased a 50 pound bag (of course) of her dog food for older dogs. She decided Tuesday she didn't like it. She's been having more problems with her backside and has now started falling down the stairs. Well, Wednesday, she started having tears in her eyes and was looking lithless to me. And her breath. OMG, Becky (for the cuz), it was almost nauseating. She has always had bad breath, but all of a sudden this week, yowza. And so, I thought I better get her in before I leave. Famous last words, always before I leave for a jaunt. I was thinking the eating thing was her teeth, that she had a bad one and it hurt to chew. I knew her back side was going out and we've been treating it for over a year. But, when the doc did an exam, her lymph nodes are all swollen. They ran blood and her platelets are extremely low. They had to send the blood work off to see if she is fighting an infection or if she has cancer. She is on 12 pills a day, which the teenager has to administer twice a day (in addition to giving mom her meds). I feel so bad that I had crossed everything off as just being a bad tooth. She must really be feeling miserable. She's kind of like mom, she never complains either and just goes about her merry little way. Poor old girl is 12 and time is catching up with her quickly. I'm praying that it is something that can be fixed with all these pills she is having to take. I bought doughnut holes for her so the teenager can sneak them in her that way. At least, she will feel like she is getting a treat. I hated leaving her. Poor girl.
Well, I have to get the kid up. It's time to hit Gulf Shores and the Annual Shrimp Festival! What fun. We've never been and it is an absolutely perfect day for a fair! And with shrimp to boot. Does it get much better???


Susie said...

Love the view from you window there!
One would never tire of that.
So sorry to hear of your Rootie's illness. It's hard to see a pet deal with all of the old age problems.
Enjoy your stay at Riverside :)

T*mmy said...

You might be on to something with the caffiene/hot flash connection...
I've been off of the coffee for a week now...I just don't crave it like I used too...I did go buy some hot chocolate mix with extra marshmallows though...speaking of which I think I'll go make a!

Have a great time and try not to worry about your doggie! Good experience for your son!

Love & Hugs!

Raphaƫl said...

Sorry ro hear for Rootie, I hope it just a small problem that can be fix!!
Enjoy your time in Riverside!!

Mrs. Staggs said...

I too hope that all will be well for Rootie. It's tough, no matter how old they are. We love them, and want everything to be well and happy for them, just as for any loved one.
I hope you all enjoy a wonderful time.

Jeanie said...

Sending good doggie wishes Rootie's way. I hope you can have a terrific holiday and not worry too much. Thinking of you.


paris parfait said...

I'll say it again - you are lucky, lucky, lucky to have this place! Looks just gorgeous! xo



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