Friday, October 05, 2007

The Goods

Today, Beth had a goody bag chock full of wonderful items for me. She was given my name in a shadow box swap. Look at what she made. Isn't it amazing? I love how she did the three dimensional birds nesting. And bluebirds are my favorite, so of course I love those also. She made me this card on the left and ATC on the right. I am always amazed at her creativeness. You give her an item and she will make something absolutely amazing out of it.

For instance, the necklace on the right is from a domino. She tinned and soldered the little girl on the left. It's definitely going to Riverside with me the next trip. I think she will be very happy there and I can wear it running around town.
She made this piece especially for Riverside. It's going right on the wall by my desk. I can't wait to get down there and hang it up. And this is a book marker she made! The girl has more energy and motivation than the law allows. Thank you Beth!

After I got home from lunch with Beth, I had several envelopes waiting for me with ATC swaps I have been in. The one above is from a swap I did that Vallen had put together. Isn't it amazing? I adore bunnies, and I couldn't love it more. This scan doesn't do it justice, I'm afraid. Thank you Susan.

This was from Lottie. I love the little chunkums witch stirring the brew. This was a bonus ATC from her, she didnt' have to send it; but I'm glad she did. Thank you Lottie!

I loved the layers in this piece. And the muted colors are perfect for the fall. It has a waxy feel to it, which I love. Thank you Jan!

This is another one of Lottie's pretty pieces. I love the basket full of goodies and the floating leaves.
This ATC had some amazing techniques used. I love the pumpkin but I especially love the label. How retro is that? Thank you Colleen!

I especially love the colors used in this one. It's so pretty, especially up close. And the frogs are adorable! Thank you Judy.

I told Beth today I would have to put my new shadowbox up and away from the cats. Yep, Bella was right up on the chair as soon as I put the box there. Yes, this is definitely going someplace high.

Do you have a word that you can never spell correctly and is always (hopefully) caught by spell check? My word is definately. There, that's how I spell it. Every time. So be it. It's my word on my screen.


Tammy J said...

That shadow box is "definately" a stunner...right down to the leaf dangle details at the top...truly an inspiration!

Here in IE I don't have spell check except in my if I go over to Firefox and comment it does correct each word. But I like IE so much better, but that's just me...I actually keep a pad here on my desk with my common mispelled words or those that I have to "look up" frequently while!!

Hugs to you!

PEA said...

I knew I was behind with my visits but GEESH, I didn't know this behind! lol Please know that I've now caught up with all your latest news...the kitchen certainly seems to be coming along well and I so LOVE your colour scheme and all the fancy "toys" you're getting! hehe Your brother will be in heaven when he comes over and starts cooking in that kitchen:-) I'm just so excited for you!!! Such wonderful gifts you received in the mail...that shadow box is breathtaking, how beautiful it is!! I've been wanting to make ATCs for Halloween but still haven't found the it doesn't help that the days just seem to be flying by! As you said, time seems to go so much faster as you get older. We are having sunny and mild days here also, not very Autumn like at all...except that today it's raining and cooler but back to sunny and warm by next week! You take care of yourself Ms Rosa:-) xoxo

LMS(oceandreamer) said...

Holy moly look at all that fabulous loot! That shadow box is so great and it definitely looks like Bella thinks so too! And the necklaces, that Beth just amazes me with what she can do!!
Lucky you!

Mrs. Staggs said...

Wow, what wonderful things everyone has made! The picture of Bella with the box is so great.
I have lots of words, usually the ones that are the exception to the rule of i before e.
Punctuation is my biggest problem, and spell check doesn't help with that. I'm sure there are more, but it will make me worried if I think of all the errors I'm probably making, so I'm letting go! LOL!
Hope you have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Now I bet you feel you have a little bit of her in your home all the time. So sweet of her to make such a lovely box for you.

Bella has good taste!

Take care,

Jeanie said...

Rosemary, this is my first visit toyour blog...I can't believe I didn't check in before! Love it, the work, and your dear Miss Bella is stealing my heart.



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