Thursday, October 04, 2007

The British Hour

In honor of the hub in England and my wanting to be there with him (like you can't even imagine), I've decided to have an English evening. Put the ol' copper kettle on for a spot of tea and turned on my favorite upbeat British music.

They finally installed my intercom today. I added a 6-cd player to the system. Well, to be honest with you, I have never had a multiple cd player. I don't even have a cd player in my car--still the old fashioned cassette tape, I kid you not. I have music playing almost all the time, but I'm not the type who likes to fiddle with it. I just want to hear it, period. That's why I'm such an avid XM fan. Turn it on, let it go. They do all the work for ya. And so, when I started trying to figure this thing out, I finally gave up. I had to pull the directions out. I was just pushing the cds in that boxy thing to much resistance (ouch) and that didn't seem to be right. I then learned you have to pull the little cassette slide out of the box for each cd. Ok. Got it now. My brothers will be proud--the music techno geniuses they are.

This is the lineup for tonight's listening pleasure--all playing randomly, of course:

The English Beat

General Public



And now, I have it playing in every room in the house, via the intercom system. Well, every room except mom's place. She's already in bed and I didn't think she would appreciate the beat. You agree? The kid and I are shimmying to it though. That's a guarantee. I'm loving it. C'mon, can ya feel the Jamiroquai dance beat? Perhaps General Public's Forward as One?

In addition to getting my intercom system installed, they also installed the puck lights in my cubbies. Fun. They're not turned on yet though. Piece by piece, inch by inch, it's getting there.

If you could, say a little prayer or send good thoughts to Mrs. H. of the kitchen place ("dad's" wife and "son's" mother). Like I had mentioned, it's a family business. She went into the hospital yesterday. I know the entire family must be worried sick. I didn't see the "son" today, but one of the other guys told me. I hope she gets home soon.


Tammy J said...

What an awesome tea kettle!!
Makes me want a cuppa!

Love to you!

LMS(oceandreamer) said...

Girl, you've got it going on!! I wanted to come right over for some tea and dance & shimmy with y'all.
I had to laugh to myself because my house is so small that the intercom system is just a shout. ha! If music is playing in one room you can hear it all over.
I can't wait to see your kitchen complete....although no one wants that more than you I'm sure.
I ache to go back to England, been only once.

Mrs. Staggs said...

I love the kettle, perfect with the Aga!
Certainly my good thoughts are with Mrs. H. I hope all will be well, and she returns home soon.
Thank you for the tunes!



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