Thursday, October 18, 2007

Pot Luck @ Val's!

I'm busy cookin' chicken and taters but there's already goodies over at Queenly Things . Who doesn't love a pot luck?? The LA Caviar has already been dropped off to nibble on but there's more to come! How fun!

Rosa's Potato Salad

  • Red potatoes cooked (I threw in two Yukon golds for good luck)
  • Drain and season potatoes with salt and pepper while cooling (again, I use Lawry's salt)
  • Dice onions (I had a sweet, purple and scallions)
  • Mix 1 C of mayo and 1 C of sour cream
  • Mix all ingredients together, chill for a couple of hours

Fried Chicken. Well, I'm sure ya know how to do that! I use Lawry's salt as a seasoning and mom always insisted on Crisco oil. So, that's all I got to say 'bout that.

We have wicked storms hitting all around us (sorry kid--wish you were here). Some tornadoes touched down in Pensacola. I was getting ready to leave and pick up my ingredients this morning when the weather warning came over the radio. Bella and I are set to run to the "bunker" just in case we are told to. It is absolutely pouring down rain. Joy. Let's hope it clears before my bud's get here tomorrow. Hrrrumph.


T*mmy said...

Tater salad and fried your are talkin' my language!!

Ya'll stay safe in those storms!

Vallen said...

The reason no one answered the door was because they were taking a food break - well some were in a food coma. I tip-toed out to the front porch and snuck a piece. Okay two pieces. So much lovin' from you. Thank you, thank you. Fried chicken is my all time favorite.

PEA said...

I'm hereeeeeeee!! Geesh, it's getting harder and harder to stay caught up with all of you...but you know I always manage to get caught up...eventually! lol I've so enjoyed reading all of the posts I'd missed...oh dear, even the one wishing me a Happy Birthday! Thank you so much dear friend for thinking of me:-) I'm glad to see you're back at Riverside...I can tell how much you love it there! hehe That food you're preparing for your guests looks sooo delish, wish I was one of the guests! I just saw the Halloween parcel you sent did good, real good:-) As I knew you would!! Take care dear Rosa! xoxo

Raphaƫl said...

I had the opportunity to try Rosa's Potato Salad many times.... And I tell You!!! This IS THE BEST!!! Just give it a try!!

Farmgirl Cyn said...

We had tornadoes here in west Michigan last evening. The winds today are horrific.
On the brighter side, that fried chicken and potato salad looks yummy!

Artsy said...

Oh..that looks great!! Two of my favorite foods!

Beth said...

Hope your having fun with your buds!!! I miss you alot!! Glad you made it throught those storms. And man, you are going to be doing some good eating,,yummy!!!

cityfarmer said...

always when I'm the's too late to eat...yummy

LauraJ said...

Oh my goodness that salad looks great! I'm a potato salad nut!! I tried my hand at making one this summer and I failed miserably. That's my opinion...those that I pawned off the rest of the salad to said it was wonderful! Go figure. I guess my potato salad standards are set really high!
By the way...I mailed off your Halloween package on Friday! :D
Have a bootiful day! :D

T*mmy said...

It's Tuesday the 23rd and I'm missing you!
I hope all is well!
Love & Hugs!

Saucy said...

Yes! Lawry's salt is all you need for perfect fried chicken, and we use Crisco too, my Mom and I.



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