Sunday, July 19, 2009

Simplistic Sundays

While I'm still working on catching up on the many things I have put on the back burner, I am trying to keep my Sundays as simple as possible. As much as I torment myself over it, this is the one day I don't visit mom. I try and relax on this day as much as I can.

I found these pictures on Apartment Therapy and love the simplicity of these settings. I've come to call the site my weekend therapy. I looked around my house to see if I have any spots that aren't over crowded with stuff but gave up after looking through a few rooms. I seem to decorate in explosion mode--entice the senses rather than calm them. To be honest, I can almost feel myself aging towards the calmer mode. Each and every day, I say to myself "ooooh, I have to do something different to the house." But once I get home from wherever, I have no energy to do so.

I'm hoping that the fall, my active season, will bring all the energy I need to do something new, somewhere. If I could just start with one little spot . . .

Happy Sunday.



Snap said...

We have friends who are preparing their home for sale. Simplicity is in. Their home is lovely. They have lovely things. She has a knack for decorating. The real estate lady walked in and said -- too much furniture, too many things -- put it all in storage. ACK! So, you could move and clean out that way!!!!!!!!! Just kidding. I keep thinking I need to clean out, give away, announce to the kids *come and get it or forever hold your peace*, but I don't. Ah, well.

(I love apartment therapy because of YOU.)


Betsy from Tennessee said...

When George and I got married in 2001 --we both had TONS of stuff. SO--when we bought our home here in Fairfield Glade, we decided to get rid of most everything that we really didn't need or want. We were determined to not get cluttery ---and we also wanted "OUR" stuff rather than his or mine. It worked pretty well for us---but I did get rid of some antique furniture that belonged to my parents --which I 'now' sorta regret. But--overall, it's nice not to have so much clutter.

Have a great evening.

PEA said...

Like you, as I get older I seem to want more simplicity in my home...I've gotten rid of tons of stuff already in the last couple of years but then I'm also bringing in a lot of stuff! lol Just seems to be easier thought of than actually done. xoxo

Beth said...

I hear you. I like simplicity and I seem to have this house a little too simple. My den is getting to me. I want it to look comfy and I think I would use it more. Right now it just looks cold and blah. I am going to work on it and the bathroom.
Don't it feel like Fall now? Loving it !

Jeanie said...

I see all the simple photos of everything and love them. And dang -- can't do it myself to save my soul!

Bravo on keeping your Sundays to you.. I know that's hard. It's also healthy. You'll know if you need to break your own rule.



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