Saturday, July 18, 2009

Catch Up

I'm finding it extremely hard to catch up. I'll blame it on summer. I'm feeling so lazy since the cuz went back home. Guess I need to catch up on my rest with all the running around we did. This is about how I feel. Think the kid took it.

As I said, the cuz went home on Wednesday. We miss her terribly. It was so much fun having her with us and we kept the motors running the entire trip--even after we returned to Nashville. We visited mom and mom was worried that the cuz was cold so she covered her up with her little blanket. Always the nurturer. Awwww. It was absolutely precious. And the way Jacq responds to her grandmother is heartwarming. Sniffle.

I loved this blurry shot of her.

And of course, we kept our bellies full of goodies too. Lunch at the Stoveworks was served with tiny rolls. Yummmmm.

We then stopped at GiGi's to get cupcakes. The cuz liked the Boston creme while my fave is the chocolate cake with vanilla icing. No matter what kind of fancy flavors they have out, I still prefer my old standard. Mmmmmmm, again.

We got a couple of games of bowling in. It sure was sad seeing her board the airplane.

Yesterday I had my annual MRI for my mystery brain blip (no explanation of what it is--we just keep an eye on whatever)--long story but all is fine. It being Friday and my not having any time to cook for the nurses (and since we were celebrating the teenager's 20th birthday), I decided to go by a new bakery in Murfreesboro, Julia's Homestyle Bakery. Since I've been eating everything in sight and therefore on a major food restriction now, I bypassed any for me and got the nurses three big boxes of goodies and the teenager a birthday cake. I sure did want something though, as you can well imagine from the photos. I loved all the decorative cakes.

We took the family for the birthday bash to Sunset Grill in Hillsboro Village. It was sooooo good! Shrimp in phylo with kiwi salsa.

Salads that were sooo good.

And steaks that were out of this world.

Do I need to say luscious cocktails were involved too? Probably one or two too many?

We came home and continued our celebration with a wonderful chocolate cake. We could barely get in a mouthful because we were all so full! My baby, all grown up (and disguised by a PS paintbrush, sorry!).

Life is gud.

Now, nap time. I so tired.



Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

What a wonderful post! I love those cupcakes and cakes! Aaawww, that pic of your mother and the cuz is so sweet!

Happy birthday to the teenager! He looks all grown up indeed.



Lisa Oceandreamer said...

Girl, whenever I stop in here you are one busy, busy gal!!!! I also gain about 5 lbs just from the food photos! ha!
WOW, teenager isn't a teenager anymore! From what I can tell he's a looker too!
I am always so happy to see happy photos of your Mom too!!!
Get some rest now, put your feet up and I'll lend you Fraunk, my imaginary do-all guy! :)

Queenly Things said...

You deserve a rest -you get more into a day than anyone I know. Everyone looks happy and healthy which has much to do with you. Go on take a big long nap.

Snap said...

Your baby isn't a baby anymore! All grown up (don't tell, but they never really grow up). All the beautiful cakes and goodies -- I wouldn't be able to resist. Busy and fun time for you.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hey There, You are going to have to change your son's name on your blog soon!!!!! He won't be a teenager much longer!!!!

Glad your MRI went well... Whatever they are looking for---I hope things are okay!!!

I would weigh 5000000pounds if I ate all of the good things you feature on your blog posts. YUM!!!!!

Have a great Sunday.

Linda said...

Boy those cupcakes look good. Can't find anything like that here, not even cream cheese to make it yourself.

PEA said...

I blame it on summer too for my lack of blogging and visiting! lol Love that picture of your mom putting the blanket on your cuz, as you say, always the nurturer:-) Sounds like you had a wonderful time with the cuz and oh my, look at them cupcakes you guys ate...swoooon! Yes, I swoon at cupcakes and not men! lol

I've just read all your posts I had missed regarding your week full of loved seeing all the pictures. What a shame she didn't get to meet Miley in person but what a thrill to at least get an autographed photo:-)

Girl, if I ever make it over there, you're going to be my tour guide! I think we'd have a blast together since we seem to enjoy the same kind of stuff:-) xoxo

Beth said...

Awh even with the cupcake face he is a cutie!!! And dang if you had to put all them cakes and cupcakes on here. I am on food restriction too.
Thanks alot! Smile!

Jeanie said...

Your post reminds me I have one of Rick's birthday cupcakes in my lunch bag and now's as good a time as any to devour it!

What a bakery! Clearly my weakness!



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