Sunday, July 05, 2009

Beautiful Savannah, Day One

Savannah is one of the most beautiful cities in the United States. We arrived on Wednesday to a dry heat, which always beats a soupy heat any day. (Note slight blurr on the left. Ghosties??? grin)

After leaving the W in Atlanta on Wednesday with a perfect sendoff (Jelly Bellies for breakfast) we headed out for another leg on our road trip.

We arrived after 2 p.m. and checked into our hotel, which was across the river from the city and then headed out. It was a perfect day, not but low humidity--not Savannah in the normal thick of summer.

There was a ferry that took us across the way which was a lot of fun. I adore being on any kind of boat. Next time, perhaps we will take a ride on the River Queen!

Since we hadn't had lunch yet and it was getting closer to supper time, we opted for high tea at Gryphon Tea Room. We high tailed it up Bull Street straight away. The interior itself was worth just sitting and enjoying by itself. But the tea was marvelous.

Afterwards, we strolled the beautiful parks and lovely moss lined streets. This is the house (Sorrell-Weed) we took a ghost tour of the next night.

I loved all the different architecture.

And the parks were just breathtaking. One at almost every block.

Tours by horse-drawn carriages.

And sweets, of course. Lots and lots of sweets! River Street Sweets was so much fun!

They were making watermelon taffy. Mmmmmm. But there was every flavor in the rainbow to choose from if you so wished. (Of course, I sent the nurses a box!)

I, myself, prefer the gumballs and gummies. And the kids make little bags of their favorites. ( did not partake, thank you very much.)

It was getting to be about time to head back to our little island across the Savannah River. We jumped into our bathing suits and cooled off by the pool. It was here where I partook in some sweet libations while floating and we watched the sun set. Absolutely perfect.

Dinner by the pool? Oh yes. How perfect can it be?

More to come!


(PS: My Photoshop seems to be in a different mode on my laptop so excuse the straight-up photos with no adjustments. ooooof. I will work on that later, promise!)


Beth said...

I Love Savannah, such a lovely town. I guess you heard our about our tragedy yesterday, the tragic death of Steve McNair. It really depressed every one, so sad!
Well you keep having fun, Girlie!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Thanks for sharing... Savannah seems to be a great place with magnificent buildings! Mmmmhhh, I love candies and Jelly Bellies!!!



Snap said...

I just love traveling with Ro!


Betsy from Tennessee said...

You all lucked up, Rosemary. When we were in Savannah last June --it was hotter than blue-blazes. I want to go back sometime when it is NOT so hot.

Have fun!!!

Queenly Things said...

The river is the place - I loved walking down there,. We took one of the horse drawn cart tours. I would love to live in one of those beautiful homes. Can't wait to go back again tomorrow. mmm,mmm, mm.

Lexi said...

Oh my gosh, I know that exact candy shop! If you can get the pralines (sp?). They are to die for!

Jeanie said...

OK, now I have to go. You sold me. (And that blue tea tin display helped!)

Hope you're still having fun!

paris parfait said...

Am glad you've followed some of my suggestions. Isn't Savannah wonderful? By the way, near that hotel where you're staying, David saw two alligators during our last trip. :) xoxox

paris parfait said...

P.S. Please tell me you had a praline at River Street Sweets! xoxox



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