Friday, July 10, 2009

From Savannah to Tallahassee to Riverside

We left Savannah on July 3 and headed towards Tallahassee.

Before leaving, the cuz straightened my hair. It lasted all of about 15 minutes once I stepped outside, of course. Oh well.

We stopped at Waffle House on the road as we all felt like breakfast. Yummy.

That held us until we made it to Tallahassee and it just so happened that Ted's was right next door. These are my "kids." lol We all had bison burgers which were delicious.

July 4th, we woke up and hit the road again and made it to Riverside in time to hit the river for a swim before heading to dinner. Seafood of all sorts! These are my royal reds.

And the hub's oysters.

Then it was time to sit and watch the hub's fireworks show.

It started out with the Chinese firecrackers.

Then off to the big guns. So much fun even though I'm terrified of the things. I keep my distance inside the screened-in porch!

A jaw breaker contest.

Watermelon to end the day all-American style.

Then lights out and to bed after many days of driving for me!

I'm trying to catch up!!!



John Ivey said...

So glad to see everyone enjoying themselves. Say hello from uncle Johnny!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...


Have a wonderful weekend,


Snap said...

You are doing a great job catching us up. You had a great time, I can tell! The shrimp ... ooo la la ..... !!!!

Linda said...

Looks like a lot of fun. I have to wait until the 14th here to see fireworks: Bastille Day.

Queenly Things said...

Yay for Waffle Houses everywhere!!! Come to California . we love you!!!

Beth said...

What a fun Fourth you all had. The food looked so yummy and the fireworks so pretty. So glad you had a wonderful time!



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