Friday, July 24, 2009

A Jujubee Summer

Mmmm, I don't know about you, but these have to be one of my all-time favorite candies. And, I believe, this has to go on record as being an all-time wonderful summer.

I found these at a cute little store in Savannah. The cuz and I went through an entire box driving from Savannah to Tallahassee. Yes, a stomach ache transpired. But it was good.

I have been so busy with this or that that I have neglected my blog; and I do apologize. Do you think I'll be able to remember anything if I don't blog about it? I doubt it very seriously. I guess sometimes we just lose that bloggy feeling. For whatever reason, I'll try and do better, as Uncle Vin used to say. "Are you going to try and do better?" Yes, Uncle Vin. Well, perhaps after school starts, that is.

The temperatures here in Middle Tennessee have been uncharacteristically cool. Oh, and we are loving it. I wouldn't change it for the world. Absolutely perfect. And so, with the cool weather (and I do mean cool), I have been cleaning. As you'll remember, I hardly ever spring clean--but come fall? Oooh, I'm in there rearranging everything! Here you will see my new view from another corner of the study. Yep, moved my desk and computer last week. Seems a little more confined over here--can't quite figure out why. So, who knows how long this will last. Regardless, it's a nice little change for the time being.

And then I moved to the upstairs and my little nook in the bedroom. Nice, no?

Look where everything went! lol Of course, I only do this rearranging and cleaning when the hub is out of town. Therefore, in order for me to sleep that night, I just shoved it all to the hub's side and finished the next day. Bella doesn't mind. :-)

Then came a couple of nights later--a little larger task that had become completely overrun. Not that I have a photo of the before. I wouldn't have dared share that one! And I'm pretty darn good at sharing, don't ya think?

I won't even begin to go into what I found on my bath counter. But now, it is nice and tidy. For the time being!

I've always been a tad paranoid about my jewelry. Most of the "good stuff" has been lost by the kids; but I've always had this thing about putting pieces all over the bedroom and bath. That way, if a thief comes in, they will get a piece or two, not the entire shebang. Well. Daig. I can never find what I'm looking for now that I'm in that age bracket, so I say "bring it on" burglars! I sorted it all and put it in these three boxes. Have at it. I'm too old to "put it away" and not enjoy it without having to look in a million different places! And it is so much prettier.

I have been enjoying mom and her new spot by the window. When the cuz was here, we even began decorating. It's looking nice and cozy--as much as it can, anyway. She's doing well. I do miss Mrs. M. though and her old room. Mom loves sitting by the window, so I'm happy. We had a scare the other night by a phone call at 1 a.m. saying that her blood pressure had dropped and her heart rate was up. They told me they would monitor it and call me again if it changed. The next morning when I went to visit, she was perfectly fine. I was a wreck, but she was fine! She's been very happy with visitors--the cuz, the kid and the teenager. Always does the heart good when she recognizes everyone.

To close, a new sink has arrived to replace the one cracked by the kitchen idiots in January; so that should be installed in a week or so. Shoot me now. The kid finished his driving class and gets his learner's permit on Monday. And, last but not least, the inlaws arrived today for a week's visit. I haven't seen them in several years because of my having to stay at home with mom. It's nice to have them here with us. As much as we complain about inlaws, we still love 'em.

Hope everyone is well. K, where are those jujubees?????!!!



Linda said...

Oh man, I wish I were finished with my driver's ed class. It's not fun. At least I don't have to do the driving part, just the material.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Great to read you again... Congrats to the Kid! Those candies looks scrumptious ;-P!



Snap said...

Nice to see you. Taking a break is good. You come back all refreshed and ready to go. I skipped a day this week. Shock! May skip another or two next week, but have to keep up with my visiting! You've been busy in the COOL. I'm jealous!

Peggy said...

Reading all you been up to I need a nap! But firs pass the juju's! LOL Have a wonderful weekend and time with your inlaws. Give your mom a big hug from a blog friend that thinks of her all the time.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Glad you are enjoying your summer, Rosemary. I am too---and loving this cooler weather. Right now I've been watching my Bluebirds... One almost fledged this morning--but changed his mind.

Even with the cool weather, the 'cleaning' bug hasn't hit me yet. Maybe you can come up here and clean my house for me. Okay?????? ha ha

Have fun!!!!

Kristen said...

Jujubes are one of my all time favorites too!
I'm loving your little nook & the darling shelf above the Chair :)
Nice meeting you~ Thanks for stopping by my Blog♥

Anonymous said...

I seem to hear Mr. Paris saying.............."Get with the program!" Miss you! XXOO ~ Aim

Jeanie said...

I have put so many things in "safe" places and I've never seen them again. Including credit cards, ID and my camera. Ooof!

C'mon over and visit the Gypsy -- I've been posting my Paris trip -- almost done, but maybe it'll take you down memory lane!

paris parfait said...

Like Jeanie, I've put things away to keep them safe and taken ages to find them again. I, too, am paranoid about the jewelry and hide key pieces. We have a burglar alarm with a horrible shrill sound, piercing enough to wake the dead, so maybe it's a moot point.

Your home looks so lovely! I'm glad to see your mom looking so well and adapting to the new place. As for the kid driving - ah, Rosemary - the trials of being a parent, right? :) xo



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