Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Just Back from 'Bama

Home away from home. Beautiful Fairhope. As usual, I'm behind in posting! ACKH!!! I'm so sorry but it's just been so busy, back and forth and such. Road trips every week it seems!

The hub's parents came in last week, I can't even remember when now. Perhaps it was Friday. Yea yea, that's it. I know this because the kid had his driving class all week and we ran out of time on Friday and was unable to get his learner's permit. Do you know how hard that was on him not being able to have that license in hand??? Pretty darn hard! (He got it today though!)

We had found a new restaurant before leaving a couple of weeks ago, Bimini Bob's. Mmmmm.

Right on Mobile Bay.

BBQ shrimp. Mmmmm.

Conch chowder. Although I've only had the tomato base, this was very good!

Mmmm, and black beans. Yummmmm! Everyone enjoyed themselves except the kid. He came down with a little vertigo on the drive down from TN and he quickly made his way to bed after arriving at Riverside. Poor guy. But he was better the next day.

Just in time for a fabo Low Country Boil! It was soooo good, if I do say so myself. It was nice to stay in and relax. Such an easy meal, all in one pot--shrimp, sausage, potatoes, corn, lemons and onions. Voila--dinner!

The next day while the hub took the inlaws around town, I spied a new store. Rosie Blu's! I love it. Lots of felty things--one which I bought, a heart. Bella tore it up. lol

The kid and I came back yesterday--long drive. A story about that later. But we got home and Dave had peed on every bed in the house, except the guest room. Ugh. I could have killed the teenager for opening all the upstairs doors, which I had closed on purpose for that reason. You see, Dave gets mad and then he gets even. Ew. I have spent all day washing. Lordy me.

Mom is good. Everyone else made it back to TN today. I'm tired. But I wanted to catch up a little and let you know that I am still blogging--just a tad scattered about.



Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

What gorgeous food! I'd love to visit Alabama...

Cheers and have a great weekend,


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Welcome home... Sorry about what Dave did!!!!! Darn him!!!

Get some rest this week!

We're headed to Florida. Be home about the 9th... Have a great week.

Snap said...

Traveling with Ro -- always busy and entertaining and the food is GREAT. Sorry about Dave (i did chuckle -- gets mad and gets even) and not surprised Bella tore up your new felted heart ... too soft to ignore! :D :D

Beth said...

Now, I know I checked your blog yesterday and this post wasn't here. But the date says Tuesday the 28th. So now I am confused,lol. But I am always confused. The food looked awesome. I so want to go to Riverside with you. Bad, Bad, Dave!!!!

Michelle said...

Thank you for sharing your lovely pictures, I just love the shop you visited, just a charming place to visit!

Michelle :)

Jeanie said...

Great post! Love the Rosie Blu spot!



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