Monday, July 13, 2009

Pass the Joe

We made it home last night after 9 p.m. due to some major thunder and lightning storms once we were about an hour outside Nashville. Yuk. We had to slow it way down. But the good thing is, no speeding ticket this trip! Wooooot!

We went and visited mom this morning and she was so glad to see the kids. She recognized the cuz which always makes ya feel good. She is doing well. I missed her while I was gone and thought of her every day.

We walked around town afterwards and I spied this EH ensemble made out of scarves. I just love his colors. Don't always love all the skulls and stuff, but the colors are fabo.

Of course, once we spied cupcakes, we had to stop and share one (well, two). Yummy. But I MUST stop eating--like NOW!!!

I'm a tad cranky this afternoon. I have a horrible headache and sent all the kids to the pool. The neighborhood kids were in the house playing hide-n-go seek and there was just too much action going on. Sorry kids. Cranky Rosie, she needs to take a nap--as the kid would say. Perhaps I just need another cuppa joe. Maybe some more sugar would do the trick?

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Heck with all that, someone just pass me a pillow. I so tired.


PS I have me some photo cleaning to do once I settle down a bit. The pictures I posted while at Riverside are horrid! That computer screen is off somehow. Everything is just a couple shades dark! Oooooof!!!


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Welcome home... I always go through a 'down' time after a wonderful trip. It's great to be home---but then, all of the normal life responsibilities hit you in the face!!!! Just take a couple of days and relax. You'll feel better.


Thrifty Miss Priss said...

your mom looks so sweet! I miss my mom too when it's not my "weekend" to see her....but i have other junk I have to get done on my "off weekends"
I love the whimsical pieces! The one with the pink and white strips is too cute! oops! that was in the post below this one! LOL!

Peggy said...

Your mom is looking sooo good!! Have a good nights sleep and a fun day tomorrow.

Snap said...

Welcome home. Mom is looking good. Sweet dreams (then hit the road running)!!!!!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Welcome back home! That shot of your mother and sons is so adorable! wow, what a scrumptious looking cupcake! Great place...



Queenly Things said...

What fun that was - thanks for terrific trip!! The pictures are great - no worries.

Beth said...

Hey Cranky Rosie!!! Ha! So glad your home! How long you going to be in town? I WANT TO SEE YOU!!!
Your Mom looks great and such a cute pic! We gotta get together!!!

Lexi said...

Your mother is soooo cute!

Lisa Oceandreamer said...

Wanted to stop by with a hug and smile since it's been awhile. WHICH doesn't mean I don't think of you and check in.
I love the pic with your Mom. She seems to be doing well and still has that winning smile!
It's ok to be cranky now and then.....just lay back like Scarlet O'hara and tell everyone "tamara is anotha get lost!"hahahaha

John Ivey said...

I agree with everyone else... mom looks great!

Jeanie said...

Welcome home! Love that cupcake. Must bake a zillion for Rick's birthday party. They won't be that pretty!



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