Friday, January 16, 2009

You've Got to be Kidding Me

Do-di-do. The kitchen idiots strike again! OMG! If anyone had told me before I started this kitchen renovation that it would take over a year and a half, suing, being sued and making me lose much faith in human beings, I would have left the damn thing alone. This renovation has taken me to dark places that I am still trying to pull out of. Yet, the saga continues.

After replacing the countertops, only because they were court ordered, they cracked the soapstone sink. Do-di-do. They finally got around to ordering a new replacement and it finally arrived. So today was the day it was supposed to be installed.

The idiots came in, took all the plumbing fixtures out, undid the caulking on the countertops and were bringing in the new sink. Do-di-do. Wrong sink. Mine has all rounded corners, the new one had straight corners. Of course, they tried to talk me into keeping the new one. No go.

But get this, the owner calls me and tries to talk me into keeping it. He says they can't order another one. Well, I think you can. It's not a custom sink. He then had the gall to tell me that they would fix the crack then. Uh, I don't think so. THEN, get this, HE HUNG UP ON ME. Now if there is anything that gets me going, it's being hung up on. Uh uh. Momma taught me better than that. Yes, of course, I have hung up on boyfriends, LIKE WHEN I WAS 14! OMG. You almost had to tie me down. All the idiots were just standing there, including the idiot's son, idiot jr. They could tell he hung up on me (not only because I said it when he did, in utter disbelief), but because they heard the entire conversation. Of course, I got on the phone right away with our lawyer. This madness has to end. It has to end. Dear Lord, please, make it end.

Deep breath. On a sunnier note, here are some photos of my latest flowers. I lurve daffodils. They just smile up at you. And how can you not smile back?

They arrived in buds, a big ol' bunch of buds.

But this morning, they were all open and having a party.

If the kitchen idiots hadn't shown up, I would have joined in. Maybe later.

And, this is the very last of the amaryllis. Doesn't it remind you of a candy cane? Or peppermint. Or something like that.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

I'm so sorry to hear that! It is quite a nerve-racking situation!

Cheers and have a great weekend nonetheless,


Peggy said...

Think I will just deal with the stress around here. At least they don't talk back or hang up on me. LOL

Nashvlkats said...

I sure hope I never make the mistake of hiring these people if I need to do remodeling. I hired a crew to replace my roof a few years ago without checking them out completely. Big mistake! Had to get two roofs put on the old house within one year's time.
Surely your attorney can get this sink problem corrected. Good luck and world of patience to you!

Queenly Things said...

You need to store a can of Whup-ass in the cupboard there under the sink.

Snap said...

Open a bottle of wine and enjoy your flowers! This too shall pass ...

(or do what Queenly Things said and open the can of Whup-ass).

Shelley said...

Hung up on you!!!! Rosy...I'm meet them at the door with a pit bull. Geeze. The flowers are lovely! So cheery for a winter's day. Have you been cold there too?

John Ivey said...

I think it was Frank Zappa that said stupidity was the most abundant element in the universe. I think he was right.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Gads Rosa... I would give the name of those people you hired to do that work for you to everybody in Nashville --all over the place... Tell everyone you know NOT to hire them. That's HORRIBLE!!! I'm so sorry for what you have gone through.

Speaking of Daffodils, I grew up in Virginia--and they are called Jonquils there.. In other places, they are called Narcissus. Whatever they are called, they are GORGEOUS.

Linda said...

If it makes you feel any better, the same sort of poor work happens in France too. I've been hung up on too. I hate that. He must be really frustrated and maybe on the verge of going out of business.

Thrifty Miss Priss said...

The NERVE! He should be licking your floor to keep your business! In this economy when NOBODY is doing home improvements he's LUCKY to have the job. ERRRRRR

Beth said...

God,,I think they are the worst in the whole world. Please let me know their name so I can let all my friends know not to ever contact them.
YIKES!!! I wish you had recorded that conversation. It would have held up great in court.
Utterly ridiculus!!!

Jeanie said...

I cannot believe all the grief you've had with them. I'm with Beth!

But those daffodills give me hope for spring. They're simply lovely!

Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

OH, the IDIOT family home repair company.
I know them well! They also include painting in their phony resume. They painted over my wallpaper and turned their (who looked not a day over twelve with NO experience) apprentice loose on my guest bath to paint. Leaving POOLS of over paint dripping down the walls. I won't go on to tell you about the rest of the horrors. I'm sad to hear they've moved on to wreck havoc on other inocent victims. The madness does need to!

Sweet Wishes,

robin bird said...

oh have yourself some support here: "store a can of Whup-ass in the cupboard." "meet them at the door with a pit bull." "He should be licking your floor"

all i can add is; be sure to do your insight meditation and hot yoga in the morning so you are all ommmmmm when you have to deal with them.
truly awful, awful experience. it is really hard to believe they think they are right.

i like what betsy said best: "I grew up in Virginia--and they are called Jonquils there.. In other places, they are called Narcissus." i really like that word..Jonquils :)



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