Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pink Sky at Night

Sailors' delight.

I sure hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday. Mine was uneventful, as usual. It was a lot warmer today, almost 50ºƒ. The hub is on his way home from Kansas City so that will be nice. He had actually just taken off from one of the NYC airports on Friday just before the plane crashed into the Hudson. The hub said he would take sitting on the runway for over four hours (which he did) over taking off and crashing! As if! We have a lot to be thankful for; and how 'bout that pilot! Woooooot!!

Beth introduced me to a new blogging friend over at Lolly Chops. I have already added her to my favs. She has a Sunday Recipe Sign Up and then gets the recipes all pretty in a file that you can then download. How creative is that? And she is just as sweet as punch. Beth had told me about a download for a calendar she put together for the year; and boy it sure does look like something I want to do. You must go visit Lolly if you haven't already. You won't regret it, I promise. Honest injun.

And speaking of gracious, talented folks, look at what Saucy, of Bloggedy Blog Blog, sent me attached to a little note. Now she is wildly famous throughout the land for her fabulous miniatures from Club Little House; and I am so honored to have one of her tiny little masterpieces. I want to make a tiny little doll to go with the jamin' minute ipod! To give you a perspective on the scale of this baby, the ear pods are beads! Thank you Saucy!!

With so much talent surrounding me, I couldn't help but go upstairs and begin a little something at my desk.

I had gone to Michael's and bought some more goodies--like I needed more goodies. But these caught my eye. I got a little "work" done before getting terribly hungry and having to come down for dinner. More salad and more chicken. Yum.

And, I have yet another amaryllis blooming. I don't think they will ever end. Which is just fine with me, of course. They are truly magnificent to watch shoot up from an ugly bulb, don't you think?

Is everyone preparing for the inauguration? What I would give to be home in DC right now. Pout. Oh well, I probably would have sat at home there too. giggle.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hey Rosemary---Great post. Glad that your dh is coming home.. AND--flying out of NYC (or anywhere) has got to be scary. Yes, that pilot needs a BIG medal..

The amaryllis is pretty. It's nice to see them blooming--especially this time of year.

It's warmer here today also--43 as a high.

Have a great evening.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

That pilot sure did a great job! Nice sunset!

Cheers and have a wonderful weeek,


Linda said...

Wasn't it amazing to see those people standing on the wings of the airplane. How scary that must have been. The last time we were in the States we flew out of Lagardia. You never know.

Dianne said...

We went to DC eight years ago to see Bush sworn in. This is not to say we were fans of his. We just got tickets and I sure won't complain because we stayed at the Four Seasons! There was a huge domestic violence gig there at the same time. Such an exciting city.

Your hub is coming home and mine just left again. Too bad I don't still live across the street or we could have a chick night or something.

Stay warm.

Jeanie said...

What a fun post and how great to check in with you again. I'll have to visit those blogs -- looks cool, and so does your amaryllis! Wow!

Anne said...

Looks like some fun goodies to play with! Lots of inspiration. And an amaryllis, too!

Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

Beth said...

Pretty sky pic,,and those look like some lovely goodies that you got at Michaels. Lolly is a sweetie isnt' she and has a great blog!!!



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