Saturday, January 03, 2009

Lickety Split

The hub and kid are coming home tonight, so I've been trying to get the place tidied up. Bella and I have taken over then entire bed with our miscellaneous clutter.

This was earlier in the week before I really spread out. I went out one night and found a little lap desk great for reading and using my laptop on. I even bought one of those little book lights which helps tremendously. Now, the excitement of it all has worn off and things are strewn here and there. Didn't even make the bed this morning before I left! But, just like lickety split, it's all straightened for the hub's arrival.

Bella and Dave didn't stay far from my side, sometimes literally on top of my reading. Strike a pose guys.

I even got the poster hung by the hub's side of the bed last night. I love it!

Last night, I had a small bowl of hoppin' John to start the new year off right with a little goat cheese on some toast. Yum.

And today, I went and had my hair cut and colored. It was way over due and as they say "your roots are showing." My gray was showing, that's for sure! I went to the same salon that did the teenager's cut yesterday. I was ready for a little change. I have been using the same stylist for over six years and I still don't feel any connection with her. She did a great job, but like I said, I was ready for a change. And boy did I come out with one. My new stylist asked if I wanted my hair blow dried straight. Well, sure. I've never had it done before. Wow! It sure does look different. Don't think I would like it like this all of the time, but for fun, it's good. I was glad that she touched up the gray perfectly with my color. What a relief that was! You just never know, do you?

So, what's happening in your neck of the woods this third day of January? Have you tried anything new yet this year?


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

I love that kind of activity... Great kitty pictures! Your hair looks really nice!

I've tried nothing new yet.



Betsy from Tennessee said...

Rosa, The hubby will be so happy to see the 'new you.' Love the hair!!!!

Glad you got the place all cleaned up, Lickety Split!!!! ha

Peggy said...

I just love your kitties!! Bella steals my heart each time I see photos of her. If she ever goes missing don't ask me anything... LOL

Peggy said...

I just love your kitties!! Bella steals my heart each time I see photos of her. If she ever goes missing don't ask me anything... LOL

Mrs. Staggs said...

Hi Rosemary,

It sounds like your holiday season has included such a mixture of emotions this year. I hope it was happy for the most part. Ours was nice, but much quieter than usual.

I recently cut about 8 inches off of my hair, but left the little bit of grey. My hair is so much like yours, with its own curl. Mr. Staggs likes it, so I leave it be, for the most part.

Anything new, so far? Hmmmmm, well, not yet, but I'm looking forward to having a new year ahead of me.

Happy New Year to you!

Linda said...

Love the cat photos. I'd like to get my hair cut really short but, honestly, it looks horrible that way. I color it myself.

Dianne said...

That first picture of Bella could be on the cover of a cat magazine!

I love the color of your hair. Have you lightened it a bit? It really looks great. So healthy and shiny.

I made a pot of chile yesterday. It's been raining and that's as close to snow as we're going to get and it always puts me in the mood to cook when it snows. The desert is so pretty right now from all the rain.

Hope you have a great week end!

Janet said...

When HB is away I spread out all over the house! You'll find art supplies in the most unlikely places!

I love love love the kitty photos, especially the first one. And your hair looks great. The color is beautiful.

Beth said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR, Girlfriend!!! I sure hope we can get together alot more this year. Love your new hairdo! My daughter goes back on tuesday,sniff,sniff!
I Love spreading out on my bed with my new laptop, too.
Talk to you soon!

paris parfait said...

Your hair looks fabulous! Change is good. I know what you mean about not connecting with a hairdresser. I'm planning to change mine as well - am tired of the attitude of my too, too chic for words hairdresser.

Jeanie said...

That top pic of Bella's tongue is marvelous! Sounds like a wonderful way to spend some time -- curled up with a fluff-muffin, magazines and lots of time! Happy New Year, my friend. I'm glad I'm back on hi-speed so I can visit you!

robin bird said...

oh i do spread out when joe is away...i do everything different..i like that! i'm messy, and eat terrible and stay up all hours of the night and live on my computer...good thing her doesn't go for long :) your looks so shiny and i can tell it is very different. i bet it is pretty!

Anonymous said...

Dear New Friend: saucy told us of your wonderful treat for my dear husband. I have been reading your blog for quite some time...and I was especially interested that you were in Atlanta at "Teavana" as our son was there and brought back a Christmas treat of "Blooming Tiger". So your wonderful gift has made the season all the more special (you were the icing on the cake!!)Happy New Year to you (and what a wonderful thing for your son to have done! What a special kid he must be.)Letter to follow, Rosa. xoxo the fan

PEA said...

Love it when you show pictures of your kitties, they're so darling! My mom's kitty is the same, if my mom is reading, he had to practically come sit on top of the book. lol He's just so worried about missing something I guess! hehe

LOVE your hair colour and also love the way it looks having been blow dried straight. I haven't attempted anything new yet...have to think of something! lol xoxo

Shelley said...

Woa..your hair shines! Love the rich color. Nice. How come kitties like to sit in the middle of things we do? I love it.



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