Saturday, January 31, 2009

Prepping for Valentine's

Are ya'll getting ready for Valentine's Day? How can you not with so much of it already in our faces! I think I saw valentines coming out before the Christmas supplies were put away in the local stores. Geesh Louise!

I have to admit, I'm not all that into it. The hub and I know we love each other and would rather joke around than get all mushy and serious about our love (for the most part, anyway). That's why I had to crack up when I found this free download today at Little Brown Pen's blog. Too funny. So, of course, I have already printed it and will find the perfect spot to hang it so the hub and I can play. She also has some fab downloads for sale on her Etsy site. Of course, I got some of those too to make and send out. They were just too cute to resist.

Now, the next question is, are you getting ready for the Superbowl? Again, the hub and I aren't that much into football either. You may ask what in the world are we into? Well, just being us and loving it. But, I can give you a little trivia about us. We did have our first date on Superbowl Sunday way back in the day--1986 (or was it '85?). Did we watch the game? Uh uh. No siree. We were too busy making googlie eyes at each other and eating German food!

PS Wouldn't this be fun to post at work!


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Rosa, George and I do alot of celebrating.. We only met when we were both 59 yrs. old, so we have alot of years to make up for!!!! We celebrate everything--including our Month-aversaries. It's not a big celebration-but we usually do something special such as go out to dinner. We just enjoy celebrating US!!!!

SO--we will celebrate Valentine's Day--not with chocolate or gifts, but by doing something together, such as hiking to see a new waterfall.

My blog tommorrow is about the Super Bowl--so you'll have to read it then!!!!

Have a great evening.

Lori Anderson Designs said...

The only reason I ever watched the SuperBowl was for the commercials, and now that I can find those on YouTube, I hope we'll be tuned to something else!

The Muse said...

I hear what you are saying about Valentines day... :) we try to be the LOVE couple all year long :)

Saucy said...

Today is our Valentine charm party so instead of participating in Superbowl stuff, the ladies will be crafting sweet bracelets! Then I might swing over to a friend's house where Veto will be watching the game.

Mellisa - Chinook Jewelry said...

No Superbowl for me, lots of beads to make and jewelry to finish but I might get around to washing the dog as well! Thanks for showing this cute V-day download!

robin-bird said...

as i mentioned i was busy making tuna sandwiches... now i am not in the room watching it...i am in here writing to you and thinking about 1986..moving to oregon i think! happy first date my dear!

Jeanie said...

This is cute -- you've been out and around, haven't you? Cool!



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