Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Times, They Are a Changin'

It's up to all Americans to step up and make the change. Congratulations President Obama!


Jeanie said...

I couldn't agree more. I have been watching and teary.

PEA said...

I've done something today that I've never done before...I actually watched the Inauguration! I don't usually like politicians but there's just something about Obama that makes me believe that he has a lot of integrity and given the chance, he can be good for your country. Here in Canada he's very well liked:-) xoxo

Beth said...

What a great speech he made. I feel he will be the change we need and can make a difference in our country. But we all have to step up to the plate, thats for sure.
Are you feeling better? We missed you yesterday. Thought about you when we were making those dab-blasted Paper dolls,,so glad we only had to make 2,,lol. It only took us 4 hours sunday night to make them.
Big Hugs!

Janet said...

It was a great day! I watched for hours! I thought his speech was fantastic (I printed it out and saved it!) I feel happy and proud again. I just LOVE him!!!

Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

Hello~ I've strolled over from Miss Saucy's blog. I was curious about the gal that shares my last name. I took a peek at your past post (that time would allow) and couldn't resist leaving a note or two. I love me some kitty's. You've got one fantastic camera to get such ADORABLE close up pictures!!! I've truly enjoyed my visit and will definitely be back.
Stop by sometime. I think you, Bella and Dave would appreciate my post...written by Angel, my kitty.
Sweet Wishes,

Naturegirl said...

Yes! Congratulations President Obama!
We here in Canada and I'm sure the world are filled with hope for a new world new attitudes and changes. God Bless Your America and your President!elated with you..your Canadian friend NG

BTW: My mother passed away last week.
Blessings to your mom and to you.hugs

paris parfait said...

Amen, amen and AMEN! xoxox



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