Sunday, January 11, 2009

Home Alone, Again

The boys headed to NYC on Friday to celebrate Ukrainian Christmas. I stayed home to keep an eye on mom not quite knowing where her head is at this time. They got lots of snow and are headed back home as we speak.

Yesterday was a nice rainy day. So I stayed in and cleaned (chased dust bunnies all over the place). I finally got the kitchen cleaned up and vacuumed the main floor and even went back under all the furniture with a swiffer. I love those things.

This is ALL of this year's Christmas decorations! I took them all down and everything fit in one little chair. So easy! Maybe I'm on to something here.

By 3:00, I was on my way to Beth's house to watch the Titan's (lose). I think I jinxed them. I'm sorry Beth. I even left during the fourth quarter to see if they could come back, but no such luck. Oh well, there's always next year. (I haven't even brought my camera in from the garage so I'll have to add a photo later tonight. I'm too lazy and tired to go out there right now. Phew. It was wonderful seeing her and her mom, Lottie. Such wonderful folks.

Today, I had my tea before I began cleaning again. I am loving this jasmine mix. Yum. But right now, I think if I put my head down on the pillow, I could fall right to sleep. I gave mom a shower and washed all her bed clothes and she is now tucked away and dreaming of Regis, I suppose. Wish I were. Well, not dreaming of Reg, of course. Ew.

The bed was full of all my junk again in the hub's absence, but Bella and I straightened that up this morning when we woke up. Guess I better get ready to go pick the boys up at the airport. They're due in at 8:30. Maybe if I lie down for just 15 minutes . . . . z z z z z z z z z


Thrifty Miss Priss said...

you've been busy! Hope you got to sneak in a 15 minute power nap! Dreaming of that is too funny! Don't you wish we could get inside our moms heads for just a few minutes? If Regis makes her happy in dreamland than I say you go girl!

John Ivey said...

You'll have to let me know how you did that photograph, the first one. Looks like something out of an art magazine.

Sorry you're stuck at home with mom. I hope things look up. Could be worse I suppose.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Rosa, I left a comment on my blog for you but wasn't sure you'd get it. I was terribly disappointed that the Titans lost. This was their year... Who knows if they'll have this kind of talent next year!!! They just made too many mistakes (penalties and turn-overs). I was very very sad.

Beth said...

I sure enjoyed your visit yesterday and no,,you didn't jinx the Titans,,they did it too themselves. And them cuppycakes were so yummy,,,Hope to see you again soon. And you are looking fantastic!!!

Linda said...

I love a good nap on a cold afternoon. I usually don't sleep well at night if I take one but what the heck.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

I'm sorry to hear you had to stay home with your mom... I love jasmine tea! What a cute pink nose!



Dianne said...

Sammie still says, "Go Titans!"

Sorry about your team but Yea Steelers! Couldn't help myself. They kicked butt.

Shelley said...

Hey..Rosa! You look very busy. eldercare is challenging in itself. Happy New Year to my first blogging friend. I hope you have a wonderful year, my dear!

Jeanie said...

Good morning, Ms. Rosa! Your mom is a lucky woman you are there. I'm not sure when this got up, for I've been a blog delinquent but it does sound like you've been having fun. Hang in there!

Mrs. Staggs said...

Hi to you! It's a nice feeling to get things accomplished after the New Year begins. A new beginning, at least mentally. That helps some, I think. I hope you are getting some rest too, though.

Take care.

PEA said...

Well I hope they're still not waiting for you at the airport if you fell back asleep!!! lol Sounds like you've been busy as well...I just got in the mood to do a cleaning spree on my house as well and now my whole kitchen is decluttered and sparkling. I don't even want to think of the rest of the house right now! lol xoxo

Pear tree cottage! said...

Rosa, Have just come on over to 'catch up" with your part of this world we all call home and it is lovely to see that dust bunnies are in all parts of the lol lol.

See you again soon.



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