Monday, June 08, 2009

Savannah Savannah Savannah

The kid, cuz and I are heading to Savannah, Georgia once she arrives at the end of June. I am putting my feelers out to all of you on ideas and suggestions, please!

We will only have two days there, not enough time to do much; but that's just how we roll. We're then off to meet the clan at Riverside.

Also need a quasi half-way point between Savannah and Fairhope. The kids don't seem to want to be in the car for over 8 hours. Hmmmm. Any suggestions there? It doesn't have to be the route outlined above by any means!

This is what I have so far, with many thanks to Tara for so many great tips. As you see, we will be eating most of the time. This is always high on our list of things to do, as you know.

So please, everyone put your thinking caps on! If you have any suggestions on things I must do with the kids in Savannah Savannah Savannah, please, do tell!



Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Wow, that's going to be a great trip!



Betsy from Tennessee said...

We were there this time last year--and it was hotter than blazes. SO--take cool clothes!!!!!

IF you want to eat at Lady and Sons (Paula Deen's place), get a reservation ahead of time. WE didn't get to go because it was sold out (twice).

We did like Bubba's Oyster place on the road to Tybee Island. That is Paula Deen's brother---and the food was very good.. I've heard that the Pirate House is great to visit (lunch)

We visited Fort Pulaski and enjoyed it. We took a tour on one of those open air busses (Ole Savannah Tours)--and do NOT recommend that (other than transportation going from one place to the next).

We loved the squares and just walking or driving around that 'well-laid-out' city. If you have and enjoy seeing old churches, visit St. John the Baptist Catholic Church. AMAZING.

I will email you some photo albums from our trip...

You will LOVE it---but take lots of water!!!!! HOT this time of year!

Queenly Things said...

I'd love to go along through Tallahasse way - the beach is always better, right?
Lady & Sons - so/so
Paris Market - Beautiful
Savannah Candy - best pralines!!!
SCAD - any of their shops.

Oh, you'll love it!!!!

Lexi said...

The Paris Market is the best, I still dream of all the wonderful trinkets! Great suggestions Queenly Things!

Snap said...

I haven't been to Savannah. I'm depending on you for the low down! I have a friend who went to Lady & Sons. Said they were in line early one morning to get a number for a reservation for lunch. Have a wonderful time!

John Ivey said...

I went through savanna with dad when he drove a bus down to Florida for uncle vin around 1965 or so. It was a fun trip and it allowed me to skip school for a couple days.

I really like your new blog page design!

JessInFocus said...

Wow! Hope you have a great time!

Raphaƫl said...

Nice! Enjoy your trip :-)
Say Hi! to the "Cuz" for me ;-)

Beth said...

I have always wanted to go to Savannah, Mom has been several times. Can't wait to see your pics of it. I hope I get to be off in July and maybe we can go to Riverside sometime that month for a long week-end?

Jeanie said...

I have NO idea what to tell you, but perhaps someday I'll go there, and then I'll know!



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