Thursday, June 04, 2009


Do you think the Osbournes have moved to Nashville? Hmmmmm. The kid and I were out and about exploring this morning enjoying the misty day when we discovered this wonderful gate. It is just way too cool! (We spied cameras too--woooot!) Wonder who lives here?? That's the funny thing about Nashville, you never know who lives where around here. We don't only have the country-music scene any more. Oh no. It's become way too cool to live up in here with the likes of Jack White, Sheryl Crow and the part timers like Kid Rock, Peter Frampton and Nicole Kidman (with hubby Keith Urban, of course).

I'm still waiting for Robert Plant to sow some seeds out here in the countryside somewhere. C'mon Mr. Plant, be my neighbor!

Of course, I never see any of these folks. But Nashville does cover a lot of area. An oh-so-pretty area at that.

We thought we had spied a hawk.

Until he landed again. It was only a turkey buzzard. Wonder if he thinks he's famous the way he was posing for us while we took his picture. He kept on circling back, wanting more attention.

Perhaps I have it all wrong and he thought we were the famous ones. :-P



Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

There's also Hank Williams 3 in Nashville... I love that gate! Thanks for the great pictures!



Janet said...

If Robert Plant is your neighbor, I'm there!!!

Snap said...

Oh, my goodness ... Rosa has redecorated again! :D I love the Nashville area. It is gorgeous. I think the buzzard had it correct -- ya'll are the stars!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Many years ago, I took a tour of some of the Country music stars' homes... Of course, we couldn't see much--mostly the GATES...

Nashville is an interesting place!!!!

Have a great day.

Jeanie said...

Good reason never to leave the house looking crappy -- never know who you'll run into. Those gates are a little creepy, though!

Beth said...

Ha,,Ozzy here in Tennessee,,too funny. But I have heard that Robert Plant does hang here alot, not sure if he has a house or not.
Tennessee is pretty isn't it. Except for the humidty, bugs, and tornadoes, we'd be perfect.



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