Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Message in a Bottle

Of course, I had to bring some of the beach home with me. And I shared with the nurses at mom's place.

Is there anything better than receiving a little bit of beach and a note in a bottle? I don't think so. Especially when you're working and a little sand is just what the doctor ordered. I'm going to make up two little bottles for mom and her roommate this week. I just ran out of time today, as I normally do.

I'll have a little left for our beach bowl too. So perfect this time of year, especially when you're landlocked, like us in Middle Tennessee!

Mom was doing great! She was so happy to see me. Almost as much as I was seeing her!! We walked and then sat for a while. We had to go out and spy the birds that had just hatched before I left and look how big they are!

When I came home, I spied a magnolia bloom. I thought they were all gone, but this was the lone one left. Oh and the smell is absolutely intoxicating. One bloom, so many photos. I just couldn't stop once it opened up for me.

Even Bella was enjoying the scent. It truly smells of ginger. Mmmmmm.

And speaking of Bella, she is wreaking havoc with Abby. Here she is lurking and then pouncing on the poor old lady of the house. Abby just spits at her and Bella backs up only to lunge again a short time later.

It's all good. Abby got over it and soon found another spot to lounge.

Awwwww, stretch.

And curl.

Dinner tonight? Of course, it's my all-time favorite first-night-back affair. Beans and franks!



Queenly Things said...

Glad you're home safely. Abby AND your mom will sleep soundly tonight.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

That was so neat, Roas, to bring some of the beach back home --and share it with the nurses and workers at your mother's place.. I'm glad to hear that she is doing well. Thanks be to God!

I love the smell of magnolia also.

Your cities are so cute.. I'm sure they were pleased to have you home.

AND---I also love beans and franks!!!!!

Snap said...

Wonderful photos. I can feel the sand between my toes! Loved the magnolia and the kitties. Aren't they funny. I never know what is going on with our 3 and usually at 3 in the morning, but I hear them running around. They sound like they are wearing boots!!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Pretty! I love your cute kitties!

Cheers and have a good day,


tascha said...

Beautiful photos and kitties!

Beth said...

I need some of that Beach in a bottle espiecally right now. Naw, I just need the Beach,,lol. Great pics and little sweetie Bella! Glad you made it back ok. Hope to see you soon.

Jeanie said...

Beach in a bottle is a great idea! I'll have to remember that when we go to Myrtle this summer!

Any post with Bella is one of my faves!



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