Sunday, June 21, 2009


There is nothing better I like to do than to decorate with groups of "things and stuff," as the hub calls it. Some folks call them vignettes, collections etc. It seems my entire house if full of these settings. This happens to be the family room off the kitchen--kind of the family-grouping area, if you will.

It's filled with mementos from the boys' childhood, the hub's and my wedding and just things that are special to me. --The boys' baby rattles that were given as gifts when they were born. A collection of kitties the family has collected for me over the years. A grouping of smoking paraphernalia given as gifts. A bowl filled with Christening cups, including he boys'. A set of Santons Raphael's family gave to me several years ago. And a few snuff bottles the hub has brought back from China. To anyone else, they would mean absolutely nothing. But to me? They are all special pieces in my heart.

I found all of these sets in Apartment Therapy which seems to always inspire my weekends.

These all make me want to just go through and start all over again. Rearrange all my stuff. But of course, I'm not gonna do that.

The last grouping is the box of cannoli I gave to the nurses on Friday. Yes, I dusted them with my vanilla sugar. No, I did not make them!

Hope everyone is enjoying their Father's Day celebrations. So glad to have the hub home. That's celebration enough for us!



Betsy from Tennessee said...

Rosa, You really do have the collectibles don't you???? I'm not much of a collector---and both George and I got rid of so much stuff when we got married and bought this house. We are starting our own memories---but we keep our home fairly simple.

I admire you for being able to organize your 'stuff' so well. I have a good friend whose home is a showplace. I'm sure yours is one also!!!!

Have a great evening.

Snap said...

I enjoyed your groupings. You got me hooked on the Apartment site and now, I've got one for you. I found it on Dear Daisy Cottage and here it is:

Seems only fair. :D :D :D

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Nice groupings!

Cheers and have a wonderful week,


Anonymous said...

Did someone say cannoli?!!!


PEA said...

Love all your groupings and as you say, everything there is so special to you:-) I especially love the baby rattles and Christening cups.

Oh yummm, that cannoli looks so you deliver??? lol xoxo

Beth said...

Love your groupings. I have several too and plan on redecorating while I am off this summer. It sure is HOT right now isn't it. Hope to see you soon, Girlie!!!

Jeanie said...

I love vignettes and grouping things, too. Very nice!



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