Friday, June 12, 2009

Finery Friday

Fridays seem to be my hectic day. But with summer here, I try and take it nice and slow.

Slow it down Ro.
Smell the fleurs.

The yummy hydrangea is in full bloom in front of the house.

I love the different colors you can find if you just look.

A little closer than normal.

Popping echinacea on the side.

Daylillies in the back.

Spent clematis which I always enjoy as bizarre.

IDK what this is.

My favorite smell in the world. It's right by the garage, so I always stop and smell the lavender!

Others do as well, I see. This time of year, it's full of bees and butterflies!

A beautiful shade of Butterfly bush in mom's yard.

And Mom's daylillies.

Yes, it is balloon flowers!

This is NOT A TEST! I made the pretty cupcakes today after yesterday's test run.

Of course, they didn't look like this at all. lol. But for you, I made this one especially perty.

Enjoy your weekend!
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Snap said...

Beautiful flowers. I can't get the butterflies in the garden to sit still long enough to have their portraits taken. We've had the prettiest butterflies this year. Lots of different kinds. Love the cupcake.Summertime - when the living is easy!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Pretty flowers! Thanks for sharing! I'm looking forwards to this summer...



Anonymous said...

Your flowers are so pretty Rosemary. I especially like that beautiful hydrangea.

I bet the nurses love to see you coming for a visit. The cupcakes look wonderful!


Dianne said...

The plants are dying back for the summer here. Sigh. I miss the beautiful flowers of TN. However, the cactus (cacti) are all blooming. Different but still pretty.

Lexi said...

What beautiful photos!

L :)



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