Sunday, June 28, 2009

If You'll Be My Dixie Chicken, I'll Be Your Tennessee Lamb

and we can walk together, down in Dixieland

The cuz is arriving on Tuesday and we will begin our journey South! We are so excited!!

Vallen has me totally hooked on Deary me. Look at the places I have mapped out for possible stops!

And food? The South's best.

When we were growing up, the summers were spent equally between my mom's family in Georgia and my father's family in Texas. I remember being really young and going to my grandma Rosie's apartment where she would cook up a "mess" of food for all of us. Well, you know Southerners, Grannies especially. She would just throw it all onto a plate for us kids, not asking what we liked and didn't like--just a big ol' heap of food. I'm sure we all turned white with horror; and my mom would look at us with her gentle brown eyes and whisper "You have to eat it." I guess we all did because I don't remember any incidents of dad woopin' us. lol. Now, it all looks good to me, just a "mess of good eats" on a plate! Larapin, I say go 'head, slap it on!

Val, this is for you!

Cheers to all the memories of Little Feat at the Warner Theatre in DC. These boys were like our home-town band.



Betsy from Tennessee said...

Have a wonderful trip, Rosemary... I'm sure you will. Looks like you two will eat some good 'vittles' while on the road!!!!!!

Have fun!

Queenly Things said...

You know that's all my favorite stuff - food and music. I'm voting for Mrs. Wilkes in Savannah. That's where I wanted to go but go voted down in favor of Paula D's. Ooooo, when you go to Birmingham check out something. Supposedly there's a big statue of somebody - Mercury or somebody- that they say kind of moons some of the neighborhood behind him. See if it's true!!! Oooooooo, so much fun, so many grits!

Linda said...

Larapin. I haven't heard that word in years. My relatives from Kentucky used to use it.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Wow, I'm jealous ;-P! I'm sure you are going to have lots of fun! What a great roadtrip!



Snap said...

What fun you are going to have! Can't wait to see the photos and read the stories! Have a safe and wonderful trip!

Beth said...

I hope you have a great time. You know I grew up in Northern Alabama. We were the next county over from where the Greenbrier Restaurant is at. It use to be great so I hope you find it the same way.

PEA said...

You are not excited about this upcoming trip one bit, are you?? hehe Oh, Rosa, I just know you will have such a fun time, remember to take loads of pictures!! As you know, we don't have a lot of your Southern cooking menus here so I most of the dishes I wouldn't even know what they are! lol Food is such an important part of a trip, though, isn't it...when we go to Niagara Falls, Steve & I seem to spend a lot of time choosing where we want to go eat! lol xoxo

Janet said...

Road trip! Looks like such fun not to mention all that good Southern cooking. Be sure to bring back lots of photos so you can make me hungry!

Jeanie said...

I'll have to visit there. Is it connected to Jane and Michael Stern's books?



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