Monday, September 05, 2011

Southern Haute

 We love "haute'lanta!" So we continued on our journey after Chatanooga.

Our first dinner was at Empire State South

(Chef Hugh Acheson for you foodies)
House charcuterie, mustards and pickles; oysters of three varieties to begin.

 Sole for the kid with flash-fried mushrooms--mmmmmm. 

The hub had duck breast with hominy. I don't know that the hub had tried this southern staple before and asked me to tell him what it was. (grin) Hominy reminds me of my childhood. Mom would sauté a pan full every once in a while. It was always a treat for me--Ms. starch junky! 

 And, speaking of which, field peas for Ms. starch junky herself! 

 Didn't try it, but sounds delightful.

 No Phatty Cakes? Pffffft! We'll pass, then.

And save it for breakfast the next day at Rosebud in Virginia Highlands. (We had a Virginia Highlands growing up in Arlington; so it's a special neighborhood for me.) There are even more great places to shop and eat since I was last here several years' back.

Of course, we had to get rainbow cookies and bialys (stay tuned). Always have to make that stop at our favorite Atlanta deli Goldberg's.

Popcorn at The Spice Market with drinks. (Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten) (My brother Jim knew of him which is all I ever need to know.)

Our last night's dinner was at ONE. Midtown South, another highly recommended restaurant. 
(I preferred Empire State, truthfully.)

The dessert was good, of course

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Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

What a lovely meal! The duck breast with hominy and the dessert look amazing.





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