Friday, September 23, 2011

Project Work

Here's my latest fiasco. Ugh. The pit, rag, bonus room; call it what you will. It's a mess. Time to get it cleaned up. "Must keep this 'moving soon' mental note in my head." Front and center.

The teenager moved into a new apartment this year at UT. The last three years, his places came furnished. So, I had told him, and his roommates, they could have our old furniture, the grey stuff. Now, mind you, this is my first set of furniture I bought when I moved into my first apartment. So, we're talking, um, 25 year-old furniture. It's still in pretty good shape, considering. A queen sleep sofa (have to ask Raphi how comfortable that is, though), love seat and chair? Free. Ok, so long-story-shorter, they changed their minds after the hub and I had prepared for them to pick it up.

And so started the ball rolling in this room.

The table on the right, I had set up many years ago. I got all the kids' photos out and started their scrapbooks, again. Well, I think I may have done ONE page. One. Period. Time to sort and move all of it again. Like in storage. ha.

The hub (as all men do) wants to buy a pit for in here. I don't know 'bout that. But, I do know that once I start painting, changing the carpet, etc. new furniture will be at the top of the list. Sigh.


Snap said...

Silly kids. Don't they know they are supposed to help their parents out?!!!!! Have fun redecorating!

Jeanie said...

There is NOTHING wrong with 26-year-old furniture! Can't imagine why they didn't take it -- looks pretty decent to me! But it's a new project!



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