Monday, September 26, 2011

Be Still My Beating Heart

My boyfriend, Jack White with the Raconteurs. Ryman Auditorium, September 15.

Openers were Pokey LaFarge and the South City ThreeThe harp player reminded me of Frank Zappa, in the face.

 Intermission I. (You can see some of the old church windows at the top.)

Then brothers' Jake and Jamin, aka Jeff the Brotherhood  hit the stage. I think Nancy and I met these two hanging with my new bf, lil' Jack (Lawrence from the Racs). A friend with us spotted the three coming out of a restaurant as we headed to the Ryman. Of course, Nancy and I had to go back and wish 'em good luck for the night. Lil' Jack Lawrence was so adorable in his large-framed glasses. What a cutie. (I'm getting old when I say the boys in the band are adorable. Ha!) Ouch.

 They did a great job winding us up for the Raconteurs.

 And then . . . my two Jacks. heart

I like his curly do much better than the straight look.
 "I heart you lil' Jack!" Wave!



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Jeanie said...

You are seeing some amazing acts these days! If you detect a wee bit of green in my words -- you're right!!!



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