Friday, October 16, 2009

Sweater Weather

I was peeking through Susan Branch's site and found her wonderful front page and borrowed a couple of pieces. I adore her work, almost as much as I adore autumn.

The teenager came home from University last night and I decided to try my hand at the "leftover" pie crust cookies that we had in San Diego. Of course, I purchased the pre-made pie crust!

I made bite-sized morsels, dabbed them with butter than dredged them in cinnamon sugar. Mmmmm.

Not quite like homemade crust . . . but he and his friends enjoyed a plate full straight out of the oven.

The rest went to the nurses today.

The hub is on his way home tonight and I'm killing time until I pick him up at the airport. Rainy here, foggy, misty--everything you don't want when flying. So, his arrival is delayed. Cannot wait for him to get home!

Happy Autumn!



Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Those cookies must be very enjoyable!

Susan Branch's work is awesome!



Snap said...

I love Susan Branch ... and I forget about her ... thanks for the link. I can almost smell the cookies! Happy Autumn to you, too!

PEA said...

I have leftover pie crust I had made when I made the pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving and now I know what I'm going to make with it! lol Can you let me know at what temp and how long you have to bake them for? They do look so delicious.

I love Susan Branch's work as well:-)

Hope your hubby got home safe and sound!! xoxo

Janet said...

This sure brought back some memories! My mom used to use the leftover pie crust too. She sprinkled it with cinnamon and sugar and then rolled the pieces up and baked them. Everyone always liked them almost as much as the pie!

Susan Branch is great!

Vallen said...

My mom always made us these cookies when she made a pie. Truth is I think we liked THEM more than any pie. She made hers in strips that we dunked in milk.

Jeanie said...

I know your nurses adore you! Hope they tasted as good as they looked because I need lunch and they're looking fab!



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