Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Autumn is here. Finally. It's still grey and drizzly outside, but I'm loving the cooler weather. The fall shadow box was made by Connie, an old blogging friend from way back when I first began blogging. I won it! Isn't it fab!

I've been putting other things out too as I find them. You'd think I'd have all my fall decor in one area? Nope. It's all over the place! Organize, schmorganize.

I've always loved this little feller. The acorns were collected on Mobile Bay by my friends. Speaking of which, they are all coming down next week and we have an entire week together! Amy is driving down from Maryland on Monday and then we drive to Riverside on Tuesday. Pam and Kelly fly in on Wednesday! Whooop!

The dried arrangements were in mom's living room.

The teenager comes home from school tomorrow for the fall break. We have him all weekend. The hub has been all over the world for the past two weeks, from Liverpool to Amsterdam, from Beijing to Mumbai, from Hong Kong to Singapore, from Bangladesh to London and Bahrain somewhere in there. Poor guy. He will be home on Friday, I'm sure ready to sleep for a couple of days. I'll be happy to have all my men under one roof again!

I hope falling leaves are leaving you with a smile.



Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

That is such a beautiful season! It is now frosty here and the temperatures have dropped drastically (from 26° C to 8° C)...

Have a great time with the teenager!



Snap said...

We have another day of hot, hot and humid (feels like temps over 100) and then fall again for a few days (highs in mid 70's). Quilt Festival is going on! Whoop!

Beth said...

I know you will be happy to have your men all home with you! And you will definetly have fun with the gfs. Gonna miss you on my week off though. We got to do the Sipsnstrokes soon.
Love your Fall decor!

Janet said...

Yikes! I'm exhausted just reading about all the places your hubby has been! I bet he'll be happy to be home for a bit. Enjoy your guys and the autumn weather.

Jeanie said...

My halloween atcs dangle from a roping like that, too! In fact, I'm uploading pix today so over the next few days I can pull together a post! Your house looks absolutely beautiful. Happy Fall, my friend.

PEA said...

Love your Autumn decorations and really love the shadow box you won from Connie, it's beautiful. She always creates such wonderful art!

No doubt you will be happy when the hub is home, wow, he really does do a lot of travelling for his job. What a great way to see the world but I imagine also very tiring. Enjoy the teenager this weekend as well:-)

Ooooh sounds like a fun week ahead of you when all your friends arrive...wish I could be there too!!! xoxo

Pearl said...

I am so happy you like your shadow box. When I am making something I never know where it will end up....
It warms my heart that it is in your home.
You are such a wonderful blogging friend.
Sending you love and hugs,



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