Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Old Town San Diego

Slacker. I'm still trying to catch up with my trip! Ooooof.

After much talk about some good Mexican food, the BIL decided on trying Old Town Mexican Cafe in, well, Old Town.

Since we were still in the hills, the hub got there before us and reserved a spot before the crowds arrived. Well, it still took about 45 minutes to get in. I think it's very touristy. Would I wait again? Nope.

Now, the tortillas are hand made right there and you can watch the senoras making them. They are to die for.

We ordered some guacamole. It needed something. So I added some fresh lime juice and it turned out pretty good. I suppose I got my hopes up on some REAL Mexican food here full of flavor. Hmmmmmm.

I ordered some type of flat iron steak. It was ok. Of course, the important thing was being with family and enjoying each other because we rarely do get together living so far apart.

Across the street was the Whaley House. I don't know the story on it but it is said to be haunted. Next trip, perhaps!

We headed back to the hotel Del because the kid was beginning to feel bad with a cold. We sat by the fire pit and had some nightcaps before heading to bed. This I could definitely get used to!

It's even beautiful here at night. Sigh.



Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Mexican food, yummy! I'm drooling...



Annie said...

Oh my gosh, what sweet memories your stirred. I grew up in S.D. Left when I was 27. I loved Old Town. I'm sure it was very different back then. Hotel Del Coronado and the gorgeous beach there was also a favorite. I loved having dinner at Mexican Village on the island.

Snap said...

I remember old town San Diego from years and years ago. I also remember a restaurant there, lots of tourists and I thought the food was better at home! Ah, well. It's the adventure!

Vallen said...

Same restaurant, same experience. Back in the day it was a really good place now not so much. But, hey, the hotel is a treasure isn't it? Did you get to have high tea? Scrumptious.

Jeanie said...

Shouldn't look at this near the end of the day. That food looks GREAT!



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