Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

I know Thanksgiving has come and gone; but here I am still trying to catch up. I finally went to the docs yesterday and was prescribed a Z-pac. Sinus infection that was moving into my ears and throat. Loverly. At any rate, I'm on the mend, I hope. I have cookie class tomorrow at Viking! I have to be on the mend! Many thanks to the makers of Tylenol Extra Strength that has kept me going this week.

Ok, on to Thanksgiving. Jim always makes his own croutons, stock, well everything. To tell you the truth, at this point, I don't even know what he was making here. But whatever it was, it sure did turn out well. Sigh. Perhaps this is what he actually stuffed the turkey with if my photo sequencing is correct.

Stock, cranberries and potpourri on the stove. You can imagine how the house was smelling about this time.

I love watching the cranberries glisten and then pop. The brutha makes cranberry sauce and cranberry sorbet. The sorbet is just the perfect ending to a big, rich meal. It almost settles the stomach.

The turkey comes out for a quick turning. Jim admires the big boy and wonders how he's going to get it turned over!

Champagne gravy, potatoes for mashing and green beans.

Garlic going into the green beans. They were so good.

We actually made this Friday, but if I don't throw it into this post, it will never been seen again. This is the infamous Viking upside down cake. Jim wanted to make it with fresh pineapple, so that is just what we did. We think it's better with the apple though. The pineapple slightly overwhelms the sweet cake.

I can't tell you how good the caramel is when it's home made. Oh my. Sinful.

Of course, we still enjoyed the cake. Duh.

And now some stills Jim did while I was "supervising" a couple of rounds of Pictionary. It's always so much fun downloading my camera and finding snaps from the day.

Phew. Done! Am I caught up? Sure hope so.

Each year is better than the last, which always amazes me. I'm always worried it will never be as fun as before. But, we always have a wonderful time together. I miss my family terribly and wish they were closer. Sniffle. Sending each and every one of them warm hugs from Nashville.


Beth said...

Dang,,your bro sure knows how to cook don't he? Every thing looks so yummy. I know you miss the family,,I sure miss my brother alot too. I get to see him in a couple of weeks.
Glad your on the mend,,that sinus crud is not fun at all.

Peggy said...

I want to eat Thanksgiving dinner at your house. LOL We grilled steaks for Thanksgiving since we were doing our Christmas dinner the following weekend and I was taking turkey. Hope you are soon feeling lots better!

Saucy said...

Mmmm why did I suspect yours would be one of the best Thanksgiving dinners in blogland? I can hardly wait for Christmas dinner now!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Wow, that's what I call a turkey! Ours are always quite small...

You are lucky to have such a brother! All that food looks delicious!



Linda said...

Wow. Send your brother to my place next Thanksgiving. That meal looks fabulous.

The Vintage Kitten said...

Wow look at the siize of that turkey. Ive never seen such a big one! (as the actress said to the bishop) I couldnt resist abit of smutty humour there....Sorry! LOL! X

Dianne said...

May I adopt your brother next holiday? Everything looks so wonderful. Heck, never mind. I'll just fly into Nashville next Thanksgiving and let him cook for me. No? Okay. I give. I'll go back to my blog and lust over Robert Pattinson some more.

Jeanie said...

Unbelievable! Looks fabulous, especially those beans!

Can't believe you're taking cookie class. That is SO my kind of thing.

And sorry you're still feeling so crummy. Things are hanging on for folks. Glad you're on the antibiotics... that should kick it. Hang in there!



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