Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Pre-Thanksgiving Day

I'm going to slowly try and catch up with my blogging. Deary me. I have so much to talk about and have so many photos to share, I'm just going to try and go chronologically. Needless to say, it was wonderful having my brother and his family here. It was very sad to see them leave yesterday. Sniffle. (Above, the brother begins the Thanksgiving festivities by going over his notes.)

The kid and I made it to the airport last Tuesday in record time. Here we are waiting for two young ladies (taking their sweet time) to pull into their parking space. We thought if we flashed the camera, they would think they better get a move on. lol. Regardless, it's always so good to see the family arriving in Nashville and greeting them at security. I'm already looking forward to next year! Really!!

Mom was excited to see everyone, of course, especially her third son.

The hub had bought the usual Beaujolais Nouveau so we could make Jim's famous Mangria Monkey Punch (sangria). The worse the wine, the better the Mangria!

And so the process began. (You'll notice I had a piece of plexiglass made for the top of my wooden island before the brutha arrived. He can now chop and dice all he wants without a worry! Yay!)

And later that night, we partook in a little Monkey Punch. What a lovely color, no?

The hub hanging out.
We snacked on a caramel apple and cookies the hub had brought back from NYC. (Remind me to never order another apple from Williams-Sonoma. This is the second year they have been rotten in the middle. Yuk.)

Does it get any better? Family, food, drink and love. Perfect.


Lisa "Oceandreamer" S. said...

You must have THE most aromatic home in all of Tennessee! All that wonderful cooking just wafting throughout! So lucky you are to have family you are close to!
I'm glad you had a wonderful time together!
oh, and btw, your hubs is CUTE!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Thanks for sharing those moments with us! I love sangria! That caramel apple looks beautiful! I bet you had a great time with your family...



Storybook Woods said...

Wow, that looks like some amazing sangria. I wish I had been at your house. Clarice

Beth said...

Oh,,I absolutely LOVE Sangria and so does Mom. You gotta make us some of that and bring it when we get together for some Christmas Art,,boy,,wouldn't our art look great then,,I would really have that "duh" mermaid look,,lol.
Glad you had so much fun with the Bro and his family.

The Vintage Kitten said...

It sounds like a lovely time. And a punch bowl full of alcohol? I would have deliberately mixed up my dates and had a post Halloween dunking of the apple, any excuse to stick my head in a vat of liquor!!! LOL!

Shelley said...

I love Thanksgiving. So wonderfully warm and family oriented. Glad you had such a great one!

robin bird said...

it is SO,SO good to have you back! you have been missed, truly missed! i need you to catch me up...the kitchen and everything else. so glad you had your brother. you always seem so happy to be with your family rosa.

Jeanie said...

Just seeing that mangria being made made me want to throw it all upp in the air, get out, get a bottle of wine and fix a brew! Looks great!

I'm back and posting again, and having a drawing this month for all comments (blogaversary!) Whoo Hoo! So c'mon by and see my Vegas photos!



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