Thursday, December 18, 2008

Another Week has Blurred By

Please take pity upon me dear bloggers. It seems I just can't find the time or energy to post these days. I neither know if I am coming or going. But, alas, I am slowly getting a little Christmas spirit in my bones. Decorating yet? Nah. Not this year. A few sporadic pieces placed here and there; but overall pretty barren. Just as I (we) want. The thought of taking the normal amount down and putting it away just overwhelms me. So this year, it will be a piece of cake. We did, however, get the tree up last night. Of course, the hub is in Europe but the teenager and I got it up quite easily. (That is after I finally decided where to put it and had to move the coffee table back once I changed my mind. The teenager didn't even complain--go figure!) I got a smaller tree this year, and we plopped it right down in the middle of the study-- behind French doors so the cats can't climb it once everyone is tucked away in their beds. I will share a photo of the tree later (better than the one above, mind you--I was having a little fun). (I have to tell you, there is a dog that is barking outside, has been for the past half hour--and it is NOT OURS!) Ok, got that off my chest.

Something happened on Monday, I don't remember what it was at this point. But on Tuesday, I decided to drive down to Atlanta and see my brother Johnny before he left to go back home to Arlington, VA. I wanted to surprise him, but my big surprise was the ice and sleet that hit us Monday night and Tuesday morning. Not a prob. I just took it nice and slow through the hills and the fog. Once I got out of Nashville (temp in the lower 30sƒ) the temperature began to rise. I'd much rather have the fog than ice going up and down those mountains! At any rate, I got in to Atlanta later than expected so I checked into my room at the new W in Buckhead. It was very nice and trendy, decorated by Thom Filicia (of Queer Eye fame), but it didn't wow me as much as the W Midtown Atlanta. I'll stay there from now on. Still, it was very nice (and free thanks to the hub's gazillion miles).

It may have been too late to see my brother, but it wasn't too late to go exploring. I had been reading about an area with some fun shops that I had to find. And I did just that. So off to Virginia Highlands I went. I fell in love. Quaint little stores, which you know I adore, chock full of goodies.

Bella Cucina was one of my favorites. What a delight to the eye. It was so beautifully decorated.

Next door was another favorite, Paper Source. Again, sigh.

This is the window of the old hardware store. Precious.

I had a little time before the malls closed, so I did a little shopping there too. Mind you, we are quite deprived here in Nashville. We don't even have Nordstrom's. Geesh. I came upon this delightful tea shop.

And even a Frontgate Store! Who knew there was a store (vs. the catalog)? I saw several of Natalie Sarabella's pieces which always put me in the Holiday spirit. Such gorgeous work.

The store was full of lovely Christmas scenes. I spent way too long in there.

It was then time to go back to the hotel and relax. Which is exactly what I did. This is the reflection off the building across the street.

Again, it was a very cute room.

The next morning, I stopped by Caribou Coffee to get me started. Johnny doesn't get up until around noon so I had time to go to the bakery that I wanted to visit the day before but it was closed by the time I got there--Highland Bakery.

Who knew, but on my way out of town coming home, I stopped to pick up the latest issue of Jezebel, a local magazine. Low and behold, there was an article on the bakery! How fun is that? I wanted to show you the article, because while at the shop, I took pictures of all the cakes there. There was the one the chef in the article is holding and it was so sweet!


And others too! How fun are these?

And look at the cookie! Kinda resembles my curvy self! ha.

I came out with mini cupcakes for the boys, which they have been enjoying of course.

When I made it to the hospital, Johnny was having his lunch and was quite surprised to see me. (One of my self portraits with brutha Johnny.)

Here is a shot of Peachtree from his window.

Of course, before heading home, I had to stop off at the Smith and Hawken almost across the street from the hospital! I found some fabulous vintage looking Christmas lights (which are on the tree now).

And then I found yet another gardener's delight on a wrong turn I made trying to get back to the road that takes me to the highway. One of life's little unexpected treasures.

A little Postscript: This article was in Jezebel regarding our lovely Richard Blais (see my visit to Home here). Seems he has shifted gears to another restaurant. Next time, perhaps.

Ho ho ho.


Queenly Things said...

You really know how to live. One of these days I'm going to tag along. Those burgers at Richard's restaurant are calling my name.

Linda said...

Those shops all look so fabulous. I'm glad you got to see your brother and I'm sure he appreciated it.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

A beautiful post... The shop looks awesome! I really love the cake and decorations!

Relax and have a good time,

Rosa xoxo

Peggy said...

You have been busy girl! Love those cakes. Now take the weekend and relax, you sure have earned it.

Lisa "Oceandreamer" S. said...

I am constantly amazed at how you get out and about and find the most amazing places in the process.
I think Vallen and I BOTH need to get out there and tag along some time! Look at those shops....those cakes are AMAZING...I loved the moon one!
Most of all I am sure it was a wonderful surprise for your brother. You are the sweetest!

paris parfait said...

I want to go shopping with you - such fabulous places! And you must insist that the hub brings you to Paris with him next year. Really! Nice that you paid a surprise visit to your brother. xoxox

robin bird said...

do you know what i am doing? you have to sit here and watch me... i am decorating my mantel and windows with little sparkly lights and garland (fake) and red and gold berries. if you can get yourself in the spirit then i can. we can do this together rosa. now i have this window open (already for an hour or more:) so you can keep me company. i need company cause i am here by myself and have been for over a week. joe will get home train and late by three hours...but i want it to be festive when he gets here. is your husband going to be home for christmas? i hope so. ok i will click now and keep you posted as i progress ok?

The Vintage Kitten said...

Im still abit Bah Humbug but I hope you have a wonderful Christmas! X

robin bird said...

i am making progress. i sent you 2 pictures in an e-mail. i am so glad you inspired me! it looks pretty here :)
have a good day dear rosa XOXOX

Anonymous said...

It's ours to try first.....................Date? XXOO ~ A

John Ivey said...

Thank you sister, for your visit. It sure did cheer me up. And I enjoyed your blog post. I didn't know there was so much wonderful stuff in Atlanta, and your photos are fabulous.

Jeanie said...

This is THE best post! What a great time! I want to be shopping with you -- Paper Source. The cuisine place. Wow! And that bakery and those cakes! They should be on Food Network! Unbelievable -- that snowman one got to me, but so did Santa, the moon...

So glad you were able to surprise Brother John. That had to be a real treat. And glad you got a few 'treats' for yourself, too! Hugs!



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