Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas 2008

Where do I even begin? Dave, above, enjoyed having his blinking Christmas scarf on but not as much as Abby. Abby ended up wearing hers like a tube top; and it was then that I decided I had better take it off before she started walking the streets looking like a two-bit Christmas hooker. She was fine with my decision, of course.

We've been having really balmy weather here--back and forth from absolute freezing to down-south balmy. Christmas eve and since has been tropical balmy with even a few thunder storms rolling by. Go figure.

Christmas eve, we decided to go out to eat since we had everyone together (mainly the teenager was at home). Before leaving, mom came up. This was about 8 p.m. Mom never comes upstairs that late at night, so I should have known something was up. We sat and "talked" and laughed and took pictures. She didn't recognize the teenager which breaks my heart. He has been her heart since he was born. They have always been very close. But now, she has lost him somewhere. It's very strange, there is always someone at any given time that she doesn't know and becomes agitated with. Last summer, it was the hub--"that man." Later it was the kid she would push away and glare at when he tried to kiss her. Now it's the teenager. The brain is a strange thing. (I should have noticed the strange glare in her eyes in our photos.) At any rate, before leaving, I took her down and put her in her PJs and tucked her into bed, and off on our merry little way we went. It wasn't a great dinner because the teenager was giving me a hard time about this or that. His normal behavior which I had hoped he had grown out of since leaving for college. Of course, worrying about why mom was up, why she didn't recognize the teenager and so forth had set me in a sensitive mood to begin with, so we left the restaurant with me hiding my tears. We came home and everyone did their thing and finally we all went to bed. Before falling asleep, I asked for a sign if I should leave the teenager here with mom when we left for Riverside on the 26th.

I was awoken around 3 a.m. by the teenager saying that Nana was up and walking around. Well, I didn't think much of it, Lord knows she's up at all hours of the night. I walked out into our hall and as I was passing the front staircase, I heard this moaning. I turned on the light and there was mom, at the top of the stairs, half way in the hall and half way on the stairs where she had fallen. I scooted her away from the stairs and tried with all my might to get her up. She can't communicate so she couldn't tell me if she was hurt. I finally got the teenager out to help me get her on her feet. She stood up and said, as clear as day "I'm fine." Lord have mercy. What she was doing on the third level of the house is beyond me. And coming up the wooden staircase makes my heart jump every time I think of it. It could have been the end of her if she had fallen doing down rather than up. Well, I got her back down two levels of stairs to her apartment and tucked her back into bed. She was walking fine, and she seemed ok. I sat and thought what in the world to do. I remembered we had an extra baby gate left over from the days way back when so I put it at the bottom of her stairs so she can't even come up to the second level of the house. It has worked, but I'm going to go out and find a better one that is more stable. (I later found where she had taken all my Christmas cards I had put out and stacked them mall neatly on the table, straightened up other areas of the house and had brought half of her bathroom to the small bath on the second level while we all slept. I wonder if she had another mini stroke or something?) Needless to say, I stayed home and the boys--the hub and the kid--left for Riverside this morning. Sniffle. But all is good. The teenager is here to keep me company and mom did not hurt herself in her fall. I have a lot to be thankful for.

Ok, with that piece of journaling out of the way, I can move on to better things! Phew. We did have a nice Christmas in spite of the shaky start. Christmas morning, I went down and got mom who seemed oblivious to what had transpired a couple of hours before and we all sat in the study and opened our presents. Mom got a new pair of flannel pjs which she has donned ever since. She loves them.

The kid got miscellaneous "objects" which he likes best (crank flashlights, etc.), the teenager got a nice set of headphones and the hub got a new coffee maker from all of us (which he loves) and I finally got the poster, bought for him for our anniversary, framed.

Then there's my loot! The hub got me several bottles of my latest perfume passion at duty free while traveling Europe. Yay. I'm smelling good, I tell ya. It's unisex (my usual) and even the teenager is liking the Eau D'Orange Verte. It is masculine, but the scent reminds me of London for some reason, so I adore it! The Un Jardin Apres la Mousson (a garden after the monsoon) has a delightful ginger base. Mmmmmm. He also added some copper pieces to my kitchen. Perty.

The teenager got me the two volume set of William Seale's The President's House. I can't wait to delve into these! I had seen a special on CSPAN and became enthralled. The teenager noticed my fascination with the show and look at what showed up! I only wish it had pictures, tehe. You can get it at most book stores but also from the White House Historical Association.

Riverside dragonflies were on folks' minds this year as I received two beautiful necklaces. One from my brother Jim, above, which I will wear with my seashore charm necklace he gave me last year when I go to Riverside and

one from sweet Val. How unique is this? I have been wearing it for two days now!

And she adorned this doily with beads for me to take to Riverside to cover bowls with to keep the flies away! Sweet! Thank you so much Val. (I've already put it over a lamp until I deliver it myself.) :-P

Today, I received quite a surprise in the mail. A lovely Momade Doodad bag from Mo Jackson herself! It is absolutely delightful. Thank you Mo. I am honored, to say the least.

Sweet Jeanie (Gypsy's mom) sent the sweetest little ornament for my kitchen and

a little egg whisk with a Santa hat on it. Too cute! Look at that little face! Thank you Jeanie!!

The hub and kid just arrived at Riverside and sent me this picture to let me know the Spanish moss Darlene had given me from next door has taken off! I am soooo happy! Thank you Darlene. Sorry I'm going to miss you this trip. Sniffle sniffle.

Thank you hub for cheering me up with mossy pictures.

So again, a wonderful Christmas was had. Mom was ok even with her mishap, the boys (all three) are healthy and happy and we have a wonderful new year ahead of us. Merry merry.


Peggy said...

I know you must be exhausted! Just the worry of your mom is enough but add the Christmas hustle and you really needed a Riverside get away. I hope you get some rest and have a stressfree New Year!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your mother's state... That picture of you two is great! What wonderful gifts! Dave is so cuuute!



Beth said...

Oh Rosie,,I am so sorry about the scare with your Mom. And you didn't even get to go to Riverside,,I feel so bad for you.
If I didn't have my daughter here I would have come and spent the day with you. I will make it up to you some time soon.
Isn't this weather crazy? Hope we don't get bad storms tonight.

Queenly Things said...

Imagine how great that moss will look when you get there to see it in person. I love that stuff. Does anything "you're in the South" in a prettier way?

Thrifty Miss Priss said...

oh if we could only understand whats going on in our mothers minds! I'm soo sorry this happened....but thank God she didn't break a hip. I guess that WAS your sign to stay home. About the baby you think your mom will try to step OVER it? My mom did which caused more problems than it was worth!

The Vintage Kitten said...

What a worry for you, so glad your mum is okay after her mishap on the stairs. X


Your Mother reminds me of my own in so many ways. I'm sorry for your stressful holiday. Loving your necklace from your friend. You wear it well. Great poster too!

Janet said...

I laughed over the image of the cats but then I moved on to thenews about your mom....that's so sad. I'm glad she wasn't hurt in the fall but it must be so scary for you.

You got a lot of loot, girl! You must have been a very good girl this year!!

Linda said...

I'm so sorry you had to miss the trip. I know you must be so worried about your mother. I'm worried about my father who has Parkinson's and seems more frail each time I see him. I have to worry from afar.

Jeanie said...

I still feel bad about your missing Riverside, but it sounds like you did the right thing -- especially after what you wrote here (you'd told me in e-mail "spells" but I had no idea what "spells" really meant.) Love your lovely gifts! That poster is brilliant -- you smartie -- great idea!

paris parfait said...

So glad your mom wasn't seriously hurt. And I have to say that everyone in your family seems to be amazingly thoughtful gift-givers! For a teenage boy to pay attention like that is amazing. You've taught him well, Mom! So glad you had a lovely Christmas. Hope the New Year is wonderful for you and yours, as well. xoxox



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