Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Rainy Day in Paris

The kid and I missed out on our breakfast by ten minutes so we settled in the parlor for hot cocoa, cafe American and a croissant to suffice. Good enough.

Well, of course it was better than good enough if only because we're in Paris. This is the atrium where we had our morning fill.Then it was back out into the streets. Finally found Old England which was literally a stone's throw outside the hotel's front entrance. Go figure. Found my Penhaligon's but not my Kenneth Turner--not bad. Then we headed back to Galleries Lafayette since we basically only hit the food hall yesterday. I am so happy that we went into one of the other buildings. The first picture above is the center of the store. How exquisite. Now this is what I call shopping in style!

These are from the rooftop terrace. I spy the Eiffel Tower!

Can you tell it's rainy? Yuk. We kept trudging on in spite of it.

We met up with Raphael back at our hotel and then were off again. Phew!

Took a long leisurely stroll to the Louve only to find it is closed on Tuesdays!

What are the chances?! ha.

We saw some sort of movie being filmed in front which was kind of neat. I love these two gents. The one on the left reminded me a tad of my dad--well, the mustache did anyway.

We then found a cafe for lunch (at 3:30) and headed to Notre Dame. By this time it was pouring down rain and I felt like a wet rat. But we persevered and walked on anyway. It was worth it because after taking in the breathtaking architecture of Notre Dame, we found another cafe and ordered crepes. Yum. It's always about the food, isn't it?

The River Seine--which is just about how I felt at the time!

I was drowning by this point so we jumped on the metro and headed back to the hotel and had afternoon tea in the room. It was just what the doctor ordered. Before we knew it, it was time to eat dinner about 9 p.m. but I was still waterlogged so we stayed in the hotel. It was a very traditional French dinner--I had the veal (sorry little baby cows), Raphael had the steak tartar and the kid had sole.

We finished with a traditional millefeuille which was out of this world.

We came back to the room, Raphi headed back to his friend's flat and the kid and I watched a thunderstorm that was a lot of fun. We're beat!

Sorry to put this in so quickly, and I'm sure there are typos abound; but I am fading fast and I wanted to get it all down before I forget about everything!


Storybook Woods said...

Enjoy it for me ;-P xoxoxo Clarice

Mrs. Staggs said...

I feel almost as if I'm there with you after seeing all these beautiful photographs Rosemary. I'm so glad that you blog about your wonderful trips. I've seen so many special places through your eyes....and Raphael's too. I love his photograph of the Eiffle Tower. The courtyard with the topiaries is really something, but mostly I love the old architecture. It truly is a stunning city. Thank you for sharing it with us.
Take care.

John Ivey said...

Even before I read your comment about those two gents I thought to myself, that looks kind of like dad. We think alike, you and I.

robin bird said...

and not a single typo! wow i am loving the visual tour rosa! are you saying these guys are in a movie or they are a movie cause i swear it looks like you are back in about 1900. all those names you just drop so casually and i've only read about them! you are a real trooper heading off in the rain. but who wouldn't go out in the rain for genuine french croissants eh? this is a great beginning. i'll be checking back often :) have fun!

ChrisJ said...

I especially love those shots of the glass roof in the atrium.
Have a great time on the rest of your stay!

lusks said...

I love the photo of the two arcs. Do you know if you faced the other way you would have caught the Grande Arch as well at La Defense. The 3 arcs are in a staight line. Great pics.

Lisa S. Oceandreamer said...

OMG I feel like I was there sans the rain! This is such a wonderful travel log and it's truly exciting!! Someday I hope to see these things in person.
I also love that you and your son enjoy each others company the way you do. what cherished memories you build together!
I adore that pic of the men on the bench, I have such a thing about a bowler hat!!
Any chance you'll be going to any of the flea markets/brocante?
Can't wait for more.........

Jeanie said...

Golly, this is gorgeous. Just gorgeous. Those buildings -- that galleria. Those churches. Oh, my!

I'm glad you're having a delightful time, weather notwithstanding! Sounds like you have a grand travelling companion!

Love the two old guys! How cool is that!

How I wish I could get together when you return over tea and see every photo (I know there are thousands; I'm brave!)

Beth said...

Thanks for all the wonderful pictures and the great tour. I am sure I will never see this in person but so glad I have a friend that can see it for me. I know your have a wonderful time.
Miss You!

DeaFulgora said...

I love Paris. Been there many times and it's never 'too many...' Shame about the weather, but the food makes up for it! Enjoy



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