Wednesday, May 07, 2008


I seem to have lost my mind. Has anyone seen it? If found, please return ASAP.

Remember my mentioning meeting up with my friend down in Atlanta? Monday, after saying goodbye to the hub and BIL, I jumped in the car and headed to points South. I had my bags in the back, coffee in the cup holder, good cruising music playing and my foot on the pedal. As soon as I hit 840, I phoned Amy (hands free) to tell her I was on my way. Left a message. I wasn't even sure when she was arriving in Atlanta with her son. A few minutes later, the phone rings. I answer it (hands free). It's Amy. "Rose, OMG!" she says. Uh uh. I thought. Changed plans. Then she says, "ROSE, it's not until NEXT WEEK!!" Lord have mercy. Just pack the bags now for the funny farm. I should have just driven myself right then and there. Not even turned around. Just kept on going to the closest farm and checked myself right on in.

Aim felt so bad, but it truly wasn't her fault. Aim, it wasn't YOU!!! OMG. She has sent me numerous emails on the science fair they are attending. Explicit times and dates. But, I never once connected the dates with NEXT week. ha. Guess I had my mind on the kid's confirmation and stuff. I don't know where my head has been, truthfully. I was so looking forward to joining them. Oh well, next week. If I can stand to wait that long. The hub is leaving for Asia tomorrow for a trek around the world so I will only be able to spend a day down in Hotlanta. Daig. Anyhoo, no harm done, except to my heart. Pout. I just felt totally deflated when I turned around and drove home. Sniffle.

Well, such is life. I picked myself up by my bootstraps and I'm trying to keep myself busy with other stuff until then. Yesterday, I finally planted some pretty flowers in our window boxes. This is from the guest room window. Kind of lonely since the BIL went home. I miss having family close. More snifflin'.

I certainly hope we won't be getting hit with any other frosty nights! You'd think, right?

My peonies are getting close to popping open.

The ants are the proof in the pudding. They love that sweet nectar, little buggers. Hey, as long as they stay outside of the house, they're A-ok.

Now, moving on. Take a look at my latest addition to the kitchen. I have been in search of some type of decorative box to hide all of our vitamins. They look hideous sitting out in the open. At least I think they do.

Last week, Vallen added some more wonderful tea cozies to her Glitter and Grunge shop that fit with my kitchen decor perfectly! . I was fortunate enough to jump on board quick (unlike my usual daze) and snatch up this little diddyWhoo hoo. I am loving it. It's just so cheerful and sunny. That Val, she's just the bestest.

Is everyone having as gorgeous weather as we are down here in Middle Tennessee? Couldn't ask for any better. Just loverly.


Honest to Ya~Ya said...

I did without my caffiene today as I drank a whole gallon by myself yesterday. I think I was hungover or something. I felt better after one sip just a while ago...the fuzz lifted for a!

We are having beautiful weather, for now, I think it might storm later as the wind has picked up!

Vallen said...

We're having pretty good weather, not quite warm at night though.
The cozy looks great in your kitchen. Thanks for getting it.

Beth said...

Awhhhhh,,,I sorry Rosie,,I know you was looking forward to seeing your friend. I might be able to not work on the house on saturday. Want to come out for a visit with me and Mom if I can get out of it.I will e-mail you later about it.
Luv Ya!!!

Anonymous said...

Hihi its not as bad as my father who turned up in the wrong funeral!! He was sure it was that day, but it was actually the following week ;-)Looking around he saw no familiar faces ...and when he saw the name on the coffin he was horrifyed...and sneaked quietly out of the chapel ;-) Your house and garden looks lovely this time of year! I love your green shutters towards the white, and the lushness of the greens in your garden! Lucky you to have peonies soon!!They are gorgeous!

Peggy said...

I am so glad I am not the only one losing my mind. Maybe we can get a room together so one of us can remember where its at. LOL Love your flowers but everything always looks beautiful around your home!

Linda said...

I've done the same thing. I guess too many things are going on in our minds. Thank God you called her while you were on the road.

ChrisJ said...

Tea Cosy! Brilliant idea. I hide mine behind a collection of indoor bamboo, like a forest.

Anonymous said...

We're still gonna PARTY!!!! Just a few daze later!!!! Miss you GF! Hank & I get there on Sunday, around 12:30 I think. Registration begins at 7:30 Sunday morning so of course the Maryland Board of Ed decided to send us at 11:30 am.... oh well. I can't wait to see you..........XXOO ~ aim

Jeanie said...

Oh, dear! Well, after the disappointment fell off, you certainly managed some productive time! The flowers look beautiful, especially those hot pink peonies!

robin bird said...

peonies already! wonderful.. i can smell that unique scent... you have so many photos for you posts... i love seeing your house and garden bit by bit.. it is exciting to be introduced slowly. your home looks so southern belle beautiful to my eyes!! amazing..two stories of veranda!
but honestly the forgetting what day, who you are supposed to meet and other wise 'going off half cocked' as my mother would have said is just so understandable! you wanted company and a good friend date. i totally get it.
it is lonely sometimes in tennessee.XOXOXOXOX

robin bird said...

p.s. i LOVE the speeding by photo of you in the car. you look like a secret agent.



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