Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Big doings, big doings. Today were the boys' last days at their schools.

The kid "graduated" today from middle school. I literally cried through the entire program.

The teenager's graduation is on Saturday. Now that will be big doings.

I am emotionally drained, really don't feel like writing much. So much is happening these days, I'm in a whirlwind. Mom is still coming upstairs waiting for her man (whom I have found out is Regis Philbin--she watches his game show and pointed to him on TV--"him, it's him!"), even coming up mid day to wait for him. She even got angry today which is unheard of from her. She kept saying "HATE IT" but I couldn't understand what she was hating--perhaps him not showing up. Dunno. I just hugged her and told her it was ok to get mad. I get mad all the time. Just breaks my heart, to say the least. The doctor said "it is what it is" and I can't try to "micromanage" her life. She is comfortable and as safe as one can be in this condition and is fortunate to be at home. Well, of course, that is easier said than done. I'm trying really hard to not worry so much.

Yesterday, the teenager came in and let us know that his summer internship had fallen through. The company called him yesterday (like two weeks before the internship was supposed to start and two weeks after he had last confirmed the dates--go figure). They messed up the dates he had given them and said they needed someone for the entire summer rather than the month they had approved last December. To say the least, he was beside himself. I think I took it just as bad--probably my state of mind of late is not the most stable. In fact, I'm a total mess. This was just about the straw that broke the camel's back, for me anyway. The poor guy had bought his plane ticket, made arrangements for staying with his aunt and uncle in NYC, had given notice for his job (today was supposed to be his last day) and had literally worked his entire summer around this internship. I tell you what, if I ever met the *#@$&!!!% 's, they would get a few choice words for ruining what should be my son's most memorable days--his last days of high school. It should have been such a wonderful feeling to finally finish, instead he had this hit him right between the eyes. Shame on them. What a lousy blow. He had to go to his work last night and ask if he could have his job back. How horrible is that? Anyway, I have been terribly upset over that since yesterday. I just feel totally spent.

Seems that nasty old black cow is hovering over us, again! Shooooooooooo! We've seen enough of you this year, so really shoooooo now.

I did find this today as I was mailing off the box of chocolate to Betty. It was sitting right by my car at the post office. I'll take this as a good sign. Thank you.


Beth said...

Awhhh,,,I feel so bad bout your Mom and the Teen-ager. That is just a real low blow for him. Poor Mom,,I just hate your having such a sad time with her. Please let me know if there is any thing at all I can do!
Your not the only one under the shadow of the cow. I am having a yard sale tomorrow,,trying to make ends meet till I can sale this @$#% house. Gas prices are killing me too.
Hang in there girlie and we will go out for some lunches this summer.

Mrs. Staggs said...

I keep wishing I had the words to make you feel better, Rosemary. I know that some things, you just have to get through. It can be so hard at times though, especially when you feel helpless to stop things that are out of your control. Most especially when it is affecting the people you love most.

Congratulations to your family on both of your boys acheivements. Try to make it a grand time, and enjoy this moment.

All the best to you and yours.

Vallen said...

Wow, talk about the universe communicating with you - I'd say that was a sign you should heed, "Get thee to Paris"
Set the worry aside and enjoy. I want to hear about all the food, the shopping and the clothes.

Jeanie said...

Lots of bummers, but you'll always have Paris! And congratulations. Fully expect the universe to cooperate. It usually does -- eventually. (I'll take any good sign I can get!)



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