Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day Weekend Miscellanea

With the hub gone, it's been a very quiet weekend.

Friday, we were bombarded with boxes of flowers coming from all around. My flowers of the month arrived, a beautiful bouquet of iris and red tulips. Such a pretty pairing.

Mom received two huge bouquets from her sons. The house is full of lovely blooms. She also received candies, cards and calls from all of her loved ones. Can you tell she was so happy? (I tell you, I sure am spying that Tiffany blue vase! hehe)

When the kid arrived home from school on Friday, we headed into Nashville to check out a new little cupcake shop, Gigi's. We have been munching on them ever since. They are luscious. Too luscious. No wonder I'm fat. I do love my cupcakes.

Yesterday, we went out to our local nursery and finally picked up some ferns for the top porch thinking it was all clear to put them out. This is my favorite place. Everything is home grown by mom and pop and baskets are a mere $6 each. Now, that's a bargain. And, we're keeping it local, baby. Yea.

Well, today we are having gale winds. No lie. Murphy's law, right? They are swinging about like the man on the flying trapeze. I've had to take several of them down before they went airborne! And it's 60 degrees out there. Burr doggy.

Ok, tomorrow I head to Hotlanta first thing in the morning after dropping the kid off at school. There's not stopping me this time. Haha. I am so looking forward to seeing Amy even though it will only be one night. We'll get in as much as we can, won't we Aim! Watch out Atlanta, here I come!


PEA said...

Happy Mother's Day to you too, dear Rosa!! Wow, look at all those beautiful flowers...your mom's smile lights up the whole place:-)Oh mannnnnnn, you would have to show me them cupcakes...I LOVE cupcakes too! lol I was at a nursery today and bought a couple of rose bushes as well as a Hydrangea plant...just hope they don't freeze on me now! Safe trip tomorrow and have fun:-) xoxo

Artsy Etc. said...

Happy Mother's Day, Rosie. What pretty flowers you and mom got. Nice photos of them too. Have a fun trip. Be safe!

Janet said...

Happy Mother's Day!! I bet your home smells wonderful with all those beautiful flowers everywhere.

We're having lots of wind, too! Hope your ferns don't blow away!!

Have a safe and fun trip.

robin bird said...

ferns on the upper southern plantation! the photos of the greenhouse are great...i very wide angle indeed! well rosa dear you have a nice visit and a fun drive. do you have a book on tape to listen to or on your ipod i should say? i would love all that uninterrupted time 'reading' Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix. you will have to blog a little more about your husbands trip and what he is doing in the orient....
your mom does look very happy. how nice! she has good kids :)

Vallen said...

Happy Mother's Day, peaches. Have a great time in Atlanta. We'll be expecting pictures.

Pearl said...

So many flowers. I bet your household has a lovely fragrance to it.
Your mom looks abosutely beautiful.

Wish I could have gone along and had a few of those Yummy looing cupcakes.


Jeanie said...

Beautiful flowers, beautiful mom, beautiful cupcakes, beautiful greenhouses, and beautiful you! Happy Mother's Day!

Storybook Woods said...

Happy belated Mother’s day. It sounds like you had a perfect one. xoxoxox Clarice



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