Friday, January 27, 2006

Spring Break?

Ok, so today was cold. We've been so spoiled here this winter with very mild weather. But, the last couple of days....burrr. Every time it turns warm, I get major Spring Fever. I go out and buy plants for the house, start tidying up; you now the drill--nesting. And then the warm turns to cold and I just want to stay covered up all day--with spring break on the mind.

We made our plans for spring break on the Gulf over a month ago. For the past three weeks, the teenager has added not one, not two, but as of today, three friends to the list of "guests" coming down with us. The place is going to look like a frat house if this keeps up.

Yesterday, he proceeds to tell me that he and his friends are taking a "road trip" (this is a 16-year old talking here) to Destin to see a friend (girl) he met last year at the beach. Destin is about a three-hour drive from Orange. A new driver with three other teenagers in the car? Hmmmm, doesn't sound like a good plan to me. But he was in such a nasty mood....I didn't say a word, gotta choose your battles (when and where) at this age. OMG, we were at each other's throat's yesterday. As usual, if I said black, he said white. I let him drive to the store and he insists on "punching" it when he accelerates. I tried to tell him it's better not to do that....BIG mistake. He then is ready to take me on with anything that comes out of my mouth. As he's trying everything in the book to get my goat, he tells me he's getting a tattoo when he goes to Destin. AS if. He's already been told that if he wants a tattoo--when he's 18--he has to go with his Uncle Gerry in NY. That is the only way he's getting a tattoo. By the time we got home, I was livid, he was livid. In no mood to even deal with him. We go out to dinner and he proceeds to tell his father he's getting and tattoo--the response "Oh, what are you going to get???" OMG, again!! Helloooooo! Sometimes I wonder about both of them. Geesh. Of course, I have to jump in and say....."He's not getting a tattoo"......"But dad doesn't mind." OMG. As if raising a teenager isn't hard enough without having the hub join in on the teenage logic.

Today, after a good-night's sleep, I let both of them have it: One: Teenager--get an attitude adjustment, right NOW. Two: Hub--think before you speek to HIM, please!!

I was quite pleased tonight when the hub said there will be no road trip to Destin--and the miracle, he actually told this to the teenager. Applause.

Well, this all leads back to my longing for spring and the beach. I'm posting some pics from Orange and Bermuda from last summer. Doesn't it look glorious! Ok, I'm counting the days til March.......1-2-3-4-5-6...........

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