Monday, January 23, 2006

Christmas, Again

Yea!!! Today I received my ring that my brother Jim had given me for Christmas. I had to send it back to the jeweler who had designed it at The Briars Antiques in Olney, MD, to have it sized. It is gorgeous!!!

My brother and his family visit us each Thanksgiving. They stay for the full week, and we fill every moment with as much fun stuff as we can. He and his wife really enjoy it down here. It's so much more laid back and friendly than the DC area. My brother says it's an actual "joy" to go shopping here, whether it be at the grocer's or the small shops all around us. We still try to avoid "the mall," but even that (when we have to run to Williams Sonoma), is an easy and quick in and out.

He and his wife are so much fun to have around. I love showing them the latest shops that have opened and visiting our favorite shops and antique stores. His wife is quite the connoisseur of vintage and antique jewelry. Her collection is magnificent. So, this year, when the local antique jeweler, Walton's, was having a show in Leiper's Fork, we all just had to go. The jewelry was beautiful. All of our eyes were on this gorgeous yellow diamond with side trillions. Of course, it was out of site, price wise.

I have always been drawn to trillions. When the hub-to-be and I went out to design my engagement ring, we were both into art deco. We found a great jewelry designer that put together a beautiful brilliant round diamond with trillions on the side--very vintage looking. (Trillions weren't very popular 20 years ago, so it was very unique at the time. Now you see more and more of them.) To this day, I love it more than any piece of jewelry I've ever seen or owned. Well, of course, I had to point out to my brother and his wife that my engagement ring was similar to the yellow diamond ring we all were drooling over.

When I received my Christmas presents, there were two jewelry boxes. We pick names--kinda. It's all rigged, so I don't know why we even say that any more! I get Jim, he gets me, been that way for years. Anyway, there was this beautiful ring. It has my birthstone, topaz (Imperial Topaz to be exact) with Siberian Siberlite trillions. They don't forget a thing, do they?

I am so proud of my new jewelry. (I will tell you about the second piece in a later post.) My new ring is so beautiful and unique. I absolutely LOVE it. Thank you Jim!

P.S. I got all the Christmas decorations down today! Yahoo.


Anonymous said...

Your new ring is beautiful! What an awesome brother and sister n' law you have to remember such detail!

Rosa said...

I count my blessings everyday!



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