Thursday, January 19, 2006

Out with the Old.......

Well yes, it is January 19th (Happy Birthday Jacq!!), and I am now just beginning to take down the Christmas stuff, but.....I'm still enjoying some of it. (P.S. I did take the tree down before we left for NY--good job!) Since today was 70 something degrees, I guess the warmth motivated me to, at least, take down the lights outside and some of the obvious Christmas items inside the house. But, I am going to keep my new Holiday favorite, the vintage blue bulbs in my study. (A copule of months ago, I painted my study that new pale, pale blue--I call it volkswagon bug blue because I actually took a paint chip and matched it against a new VW bug--it's gorgeous!)

For some reason, I was in a vintage mood this Holiday Season. I found some 60s santas and a 60s reindeer to put with the 60s santas, even some little 60s elves. Gee, does that mean I'm getting to that nostalgic age of where things from your childhood are actually vintage? Eeeek. (Interesting note: "cheap" things from the 60s were made in Japan, while now, everything is made in China. Just an observation.) Dumb me forgot to take a picture of my three tier "vintage" table. I had those little Japanese-made mica houses--complete with snow--on one shelf, cute little felt children's figures (Little Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, and the Three Little Pigs) on another and the vintage plastic santas on the top shelf. I'll have to remind myself to take a pic of it next year.

But, here is a pic of my Holiday smokers and nutcrakers being replaced with my orchids. Let's hope they enjoy this spot as much as they did last year. I actually got a new bloom for the first time in my orchid life. Not spring yet, by far, but here's to new growth! Cheers!


ann said...

look at you! i didn't know that you blogged--welcome. i've been behind on mine, and have a backlog of recipes to post. i'll put something new up this weekend.

Rosa said...

Hooked....for the time being!



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