Sunday, January 22, 2006


Lying in bed last night, I began to think about my posts; and it dawned on me that I am finally journaling. (duh)

When I first became pregnant with our first son (the teenager), I attended a lecture at GWU (or maybe it was AMU--I don't remember) on journaling. I went to perhaps motivate myself to stick through with a written project for once. This was a miraculous time in my life and I wanted to ensure that, at least, I remembered the details. What I soon learned though was a wonderful way to take note of one's life to pass on to future generations, not just for myself. They read excerpts from a journal that a woman had written as her family arrived in the Great Plains some time in the 1800s. I wasn't related to this woman, of course, but it was just as fascinating to me as if I were. She didn't have to be family in order for me to understand her writings and appreciate them.

Over the years, I have had my teenage "diary." That was probably my most complete--from the time I was 11/12 ending when I was about 16/17. (Hmm, I wonder what ever happened to that little book with the lock and key--as if that would ever keep my brothers out of it! Yea right!) I think from there, I began one when I started having palpitations over the cutie in my office (now the hub). That one was written in shorthand; I don't know why. Maybe in case our relationship never materialized, no one could tie me back to having a crush on him. Dunno. Next, I think was the one from my honeymoon that I swore I would continue through married life--never got past the first week in Europe.

As the years have progressed, I admit I've started several journals for different milestones...a pregnancy, a new house, a new garden, etc. But, of course, like many folks out there, I have yet to continue through with a finished journal. Yes, I've even done those "baby" books which contain everything from the first sonogram to present date photos of whatever may be going on. Present date? Ha. That's funny. I think I'm up to the teenager's first birthday and have yet to even start my 12 year old's (the kid). Let me add here that I come from a family of professional photographers, so I have enough pictures to fill in every page with almost every precious moment. (Well, at least everything the teenager did as a young boy. You know the story, once you have more than one, who has the time to keep up with such stuff!) The kid's won't be as chock full as the teenager's, oh well.

And so, with this blog, I am journaling, again. For myself, for my family. Perhaps once a year, if I last that long blogging, I will print it out and bind it. Sounds like a plan to me!


Shell said...

Congratulations! Your journal is great!

MarkMcL said...

A journal indeed. Even if not a soul reads mine I find it fascinating to review the changes in my own life and reflect upon them. And getting an insight into other's lives is always valuable.

I have added you to my blogroll so keep blogging :-)





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