Sunday, January 29, 2006

Happy Chinese New Year/Gung Hey Fat Choy

Wishing You Prosperity and Wealth.

The hub does several trips to China each year and has lots of friends and colleagues there. He kept telling me that Sunday was Chinese New Year and, of course, I forgot until I ran across an article this morning.

I have been fascinated with Chinese culture since he began traveling there over 20 years ago. With a recorded history of over 3,600 years, how can you not be enthralled? How much more knowledge they must hold because of this. Herbal remedies, feng shui, calligraphy and acupuncture are only a few practices I would love to learn more about, not to mention the history. The hub keeps trying to get me to go with him; but I truly don't think I could STAND being on a plane for over 20 hours. I'm still waiting for that supersonic jet travel--smile. A couple of years ago, his sister and the teenager did travel all over Asia with him while he was doing business. They had a wonderful time. They all came back with such unforgettable memories. I was so glad to see the teenager witness first hand a culture so different than ours.

If I can ever get enough nerve (or drugs), I will, I will, I will visit China.In honor of the new year, I had found these flowers at my grocer's which I call "Chinese Lanterns." Aren't they different?

P.S. 2006 is the year of the dog--and year of the hub.

Chinese New Year Info

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