Thursday, February 26, 2009


First of all, I have to send out warm thanks to those who picked me as a winner in One World--One Heart. A big thank you to Tricia for the sweet baby boy plaque. I think I'll put it in the teenager's new room. You think he'd appreciate it? Actually, it will more-than-likely end up in my bedroom as I have baby stuff in there. Isn't it precious! And speaking of bedrooms, look at what Sonia made. I never enjoyed eye masks when I was younger, but now I've come to appreciate them. Does that mean I'm getting old or just getting too fancy for my own britches? Either way, I adore this one. Thank you Sonia!

I finally got my OWOH winnings out to Linda Sue. I hope she doesn't see this post and I ruin it for her. The package is supposed to arrive on Monday. I enjoyed getting it ready for her and am so happy that this finally made me finish up last year's pysanky just in time to begin anew this Lent. I don't even know if I will make any.

I mentioned earlier in the week the hub had made some flounder for his and the kid's dinner. Ew. (I'm still traumatized!) Doesn't he know a watched pot never boils? The kid snapped this while he was cooking. I love when the kid takes pictures and I find them later when I download.

Another kid snap.

After the fish incident, the hub and I went to the pub around the corner for dinner a couple of nights this week. It was fun to get away by ourselves (no kids allowed in the pub--as it should be!). We're like two old souls going in at early-bird hours. ha.

I got all my paperwork done early in the week. My trusty old sidekick is never too far from my side. Thank you Bella for keeping things straight for me.

But, I've really been busy making baby bibs for a new nephew arriving home tomorrow! How exciting for my SIL and BIL! Yay! I will fill you in more once the magical moment arrives and I hear more myself.

Who knew that I could sew? Well, to tell you the truth, it takes a big momentous occasion to get me to bring my dad's old sewing machine out. And, of course, this is quite exciting! It's been about four years since we've had a baby in the family!

I had some fabric left over from my last batch way back when but, of course, I had to find some wonderful boy fabric to use for this new arrival. I just love making baby bibs. Well, sometimes.

What are you all up to? Any big plans for the weekend??? I think ours will be nice and quiet, as usual.


Janet said...

That picture of Bella is sooooo cute!! I love it!

As for sewing, I can do simple things but nothing too fancy.

I think HB and I are going to have a quiet weekend. After all my Academy Awards partying I need to cool it!

Thrifty Miss Priss said...

oh how exciting! A new baby! So soft and sweet! Thank you so much again for the wonderful gifts you sent me! I'm just thrilled with it all!
and I love uploading pictures and seeing what the kid took! So fun to see things from their perspective!

JessInFocus said...

Looks like a fun week you've had. can't wait to see pictures of baby. I don't have a kid, but we went to a wedding and I sat my camera down to go dance with hubby. One of his friends picked it up and took a bunch of pictures. It was fun to see them once we got home! :)

Vintage Kitten said...

Oh Congratulations on your newest family member X

I like it when Bella sneaks into the photos

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

These bibs look grat! You are very skilled...

Bella is such a pretty miss!

Cheers and have a wonderful weeekend,


Pearl said...

Bella is just too cute!!! She looks like she is waiting for you to serve her lunch on the good
Looks like you are having bunches of fun sewing...You did a great job on the bibs.
Looking forward to hearing news on the new baby.


Snap said...

Busy Lady! Wasn't OWOH fun??!!! I'm already thinking about giveaways for next year! A new baby is exciting and I love your bibs. I have a *new* *old* (never been out of the box) sewing machine. I used to sew a lot. Life interruptus, I guess. Get interested in other things. This weekend is the college classic at Minute Maid Park -- college baseball with some of the top ranked teams in the country. Three days of baseball -- 3 games a day! YeeeHaw!

Linda said...

I haven't had a sewing machine in years. Every once in a while I need one but somehow manage to carry on. Love the bibs.

Lori Anderson Designs said...

Cute kitty snap!

Beth said...

Isn't it wonderful having a new baby around? I can't get enough of my new grand nephew. He is the first baby since my children were babies. They post pictures of him every week on flickr so I get to see him change. The bibs are so cute. I would love to have your pattern. Hope you had a wonderful week-end! Miss you!

Queenly Things said...

Beautiful AND you sew? Wow!

Jeanie said...

Aren't four-legged executive assistants fun? I love it! Darling bibs and fabulous mail!



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