Sunday, November 09, 2008


Ok, I'm definitely feeling more like myself now. I am in decorating mode. Like pre-Thanksgiving decorating mode. I've been saving my pennies because I knew this day was coming. But, now I have to act quick to get it done in two weeks' time. Nothing like waiting until the last minute.

Since I have a blank canvass to work with in the teenager's room, I'm kind of in a tizzy. I doubt he will ever "live" here again, so I'm free to do as I please. Therefore, I kind of want to make it a little on the funky side. The only piece I have to work with is the old dresser. I'm pulling the carpet out and having hard wood floors put down. Therefore, I'm going to have to get a rug to put in there. Thus comes my tizzy.

But, before I go there, I'm looking at this iron bed--cheap from What do you think? Perhaps I should find some bedclothes for it before I go ahead and purchase a rug? That would probably make more sense; but since I don't have any sense, I normally go at things a little backwards.

So, these are the rugs I'm looking at. They are all wool and are slightly smaller than 8X10 which will fit nicely under a full-sized bed (and all under $300!). This one is a little more traditional than the next ones, but I like it.

I love the color of this one.

And I like the motif here.

But you should always have some black in every room! I could have some fun with this one!

The walls will be a neutral, creamy off white, so I do want to jazz it up a bit somewhere. But perhaps I should go a little more neutral/classic on the floor and spice up the bedding? I love the shape of this one. Too traditional?

Remember, most of the design will be hidden under the bed. Too dull?

Oh, deary me. What do you think?

PS I'm moving the bed to the right wall and will probably put some type of cute desk between the windows. Perhaps even a big comfy chair since the view is lovely.

PSS Since we are such kindred spirits, I too liked the b&w rug best. So without too much hand ringing, I ordered it with the bed! Yay. Now I have to hurry up and get the room in order!


Snap said...

Hi Rosa,

Thanks for dropping by and telling me about your range. Want me to stop by and bring my painting supplies? !!! Ha! I love the iron bed and I'd probably pick one of the black and white rugs and go nuts with the bedding. But that's just me. I'll be watching to see what you pick. Cheers!

Janet said...

I like the black and white rug or the one just above it with all the flowers....if you want funky. But truly they're all very pretty. Your house looks beautiful from what you've shown on your blog so I imagine you can do a great job with this bedroom wthout our help!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

I guess you should find bedclothes first and then buy a carpet to match. I really like the 3rd and the 4th rugs...



Jeanie said...

I think the black and white works with fun and funky. For covers, you could go with red, white, gray or even black with lighter accessories (of course, white cat fur and black bedspreads might be a bad thing!). Plus, that can look masculine enough that he won't mind sleeping in it on his home visits, yet cool enough that it's not a "boy room."

ChrisJ said...

I like the third and the fifth carpets. The bed frame would go well with the third. When I go looking I always end up with sage green and apricot or peach!! I just can't get away rom it and fashion means nothing to me. (Tho I might at a push go with soft blues and purples or lilacs).

Saucy said...

Yep, the black and white rug is the bomb! Glad you went for it.

Vallen said...

I love the red with flowers and the one below with blues in it. The checkerboard is probably the most versatile. There are so many choices for bed coverings that you could match just about any of them.

Lisa "Oceandreamer" S. said...

I am freaking out for that black diamond rug and I love swirls too!!!!! Where is it from??? Oh please tell, please!
I am in decorating mode too and I love some black in any room!!!!
Can't wait to see your finished room!!



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