Thursday, November 06, 2008


It is absolutely lovely here in Middle Tennessee this week. (With the exception of all the indignant faces walking about in the aftermath of the election, tehe.) The colors are brilliant, the air fresh and a coolness to the night that makes sleeping oh so wonderful. I am finally beginning to come out of my funk. It's about time.

The mums are so pretty. They normally don't last this long--either because of my forgetfulness to water them or by the cold weather hitting them. Both areas, so far, are right on.

Even the azaleas are still in full bloom. Very late in the season for them to be so jubilant.

But the gem of the yard is our little maple. Oh my. I always forget what happiness it's beauty brings to me each autumn. The leaves are massed underneath and I just want to run through them each time I pass. It always reminds me of when the teenager was three or four months old, his first autumn. Dressing him in his little jeans and jean jacket and putting him in a huge pile of leaves. Those memories are so precious. We had lots of old tress then so we were able to get a big pile. Now we have only the one young tree that sheds its small quantity of brilliant leaves. The colors truly make up for the quantity.

Its pink and orange hews are cast to the inside of the house; and I have to do a double take, again, each time I pass a room with those beautiful colors casting through.

Lady bugs began to emerge several days ago after the weather turned warm once more during the day time. I accidentally let a whole bunch in when I opened to door to feed the birds.

I keep transferring them to my plants in hopes that they may find a pest or two to nibble on.

Mom is doing well. I found a new hoodie for her to wear so we could put the wildy colored striped one away--wink wink. Doesn't she look beautiful?

My brother's second operation was put on hold and I'm waiting to hear from him as to when it will be scheduled. The kid had his first movie "date" on Election Day. Big doings. I finally got my flu shot, again on Election Day. (These are all notes to myself, mind you.)

Hope all is well with everyone. I'm beginning to get around to visiting a little bit better out there in Blogland. Thanks for being patient while the black cow was circling.


Saucy said...

Mother looks gawgeous! She really is beaming with happiness too.

Ladybugs bring good luck! Enjoy the colours of the season, this was such a nice post.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Such beautiful flowers and colors! I'm glad your Mom is doing well!



Beth said...

Your Mums looks great and aren't the trees beautiful? I worked my butt off on my leaves on wednesday only to have the front yard covered again yesterday. Oh well guess I should just wait till they all fall. Your Mom looks so good!
My stepdad and stepbrother are out of town so I have been taking care of Mom all week. We have had fun!
Have a great week-end!

Janet said...

I'm feeling more like myself again since our weather has cooled off a little. It's mostly in the 70's during the day and then chilly at night. Perfect!

All the bright colors here really perked me up, too. I love the colors of autumn. And your mom looks fantastic! She has such a beautiful warm smile.

Judy said...

I love all the fall colors. Your Mom is so beautiful and looks so happy.

Jeanie said...

Your red tree is stunning -- what a view from your house! And you mom looks so cute! She's really pretty.



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