Monday, June 18, 2007

. . . When the Living's Easy


I kind of just made a flash decision to come down to Riverside last Friday. Mom was doing well and she was fine with us leaving, the teenager stayed home with her. I figured the hub needed a little Father's Day getaway after having a gruelling week. I had signed the kids up for an art camp down here but I was ready to let them miss the first few days. All of a sudden, I just wanted to come down. It felt time. I had been having some horrible feelings after the incident with mom and didn't know when I wanted to come back. Thank goodness that passed rather quickly. I'm settling in slowly down here.

Saturday night, we all watched the sunset over Mobile Bay. The kids went shelling along the shore. They found a nice piece of seaglass . . . hmmm, I wonder where I put it??? Lordy.

Sunday, we all had a blast. We decided to be beach bums and head to the Gulf, a short drive from here. It was a gorgeous day. Not too hot, nice breeze, who could ask for more? (If you click on the right picture, you can see the diver's heading out--red flag, what fun!) After we were all waterlogged and plenty "tanned," we decided to pack it up and head back inland a bit to hit the go-carts. I passed on the rides and just took pics of them.

Afterwards, we decided to head over to Florida, another short drive, to our fav little restaurant for some good ol' seafood. They have the best pina colada's, oh yea. The kids had their strawberry daqs--ala virgy, or course. YUM! I ordered the New Orleans BBQ shrimp, the kid had popcorn shrimp, the hub crab claws and Jacq had crab cakes She has been trying all kinds of new seafoods down here and loving it all. Mmmm, makes me hungry thinking about it. Just about suppa time.

Today was the first day of the cousins' Art-n-Nature camp. They seemed to enjoy it. It's only two hours a day, that's just enough time to get them up and out for a couple of hours in the morning. Gets them set for a fun day! We had a great lunch in town at Andrees (muffeletta) and then headed home. The kids relaxed on the dock until all of a sudden the clouds opened up! It was hilarious watching them scramble to the porch! Can you tell we were all out there this weekend floating along the river?

Here's Bella and Jacq cuddling. Awwwwwww. She, too, is settling in here at Riverside. She's geting braver coming closer to Rootie each day. The kids are loving her to death! (Me too.)

Bible rain again. It's absolutely wonderful. I'm lenjoying the show. The kids are playing Uno and as soon as the rain stops a bit, we're heading out to rent some spooky movies; then I'm making pigs-in-a-blanket for din din.


smilnsigh said...

I especially love the first picture. You got a great shot of the sun, through the trees!!!


Janet said...

Sounds as if you had a wonderful weekend. That food you described made me hungry! And of course, I think Bella is adorable! I'm such a sucker for kitties....who could resist that little ball of fur!

Connie said...

Sounds like the perfect way to celebrate Father's Day.

Loving that kitty. Just adorable.


Vallen said...

It is a life lived fully and complete - you are a lucky lady!

Susie said...

Love all your photos! Looks like such fun.
Have you read the new bestseller "Queen of Broken Hearts?" It takes place in Fairhope!

PEA said...

Sigh...I wish I lived nearer so that I could go spend a day with you there:-) It really does seem like heaven on earth!! So glad you had such a wonderful weekend..sometimes we have more fun when things are spur of the moment:-) xoxo

Linda said...

All of that food, especially the seafood, sounds so good. I'd kill for some fried shrimp right now-the way that they do it in the States.



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