Saturday, June 02, 2007

Life is Gud

The men are floating along the river. Just getting over my cold, I'm a land bound for a few more days. I actually felt my cold coming on as I was floating last Monday. Hmmmmm. Roo dog is dying to get out there with them. She's not a great swimmer, actually afraid of the water, so I'm keeping her inside. She's already fallen in this morning and the hub had to pull her back up on the dock. Geesh. Must be hell being a dog and afraid of the water. Poor ting. She whines the whole time you're out there. She jumped in with me last week but popped the raft as she was flailing to get on with me! hehe. What a sight.

Yesterday, the kid and I went to the Weeks Bay Reserve Foundation. It was fascinating and beautiful and lots of fun. I wanted to know if I could plant some water lilies in the reserve by the house. You know, something for the froggies to sit on, hehe. They said that was fine and they told me what else can be put there. There's a long boardwalk that goes around the grasslands and wetlands right out to Weeks Bay.

You can see here where Weeks opens out to Mobile Bay through the channel in the middle. So beautiful.

There were lots of hand's-on exhibits. Here, the kid is playing with the hermit crabs. The hub and kid were telling me about Magnolia Springs (via boat) and how their mailboxes are on the water. Here it tells us it is one of the last places in the United States to still have this way of mail delivery. Isn't that marvelous!

Here are what the osprey look like (stuffed--ew) that nest across the river from us. Aren't they beautiful? I haven't seen as many as in the early spring. Guess the babies have flown the coop. They are magnificent to watch glide through the air; and to hear the woosh of their wings against the air is simply magical.

Here is a tree with some moss that reminded me of an atlas. Isn't it amazing? I can't wait to go back and learn more next time. We forgot to pick up a guide before we went on our little adventure. Next time.


smilnsigh said...

Glad the cold is getting better. Be gone, ding-dang-cold!!!! ,-)

And I just asked for more photos of your area, a while ago. And... Voila! You post more! How is that for service?!?


Beth said...

I am glad your feeling better, Ms. Rosie. I know you said you felt cruddy the other night. We finally are getting a few showers here today. Are you getting any of Tropical storm Barry there? I want to go to that place when I come down there,,looks so cool!
Miss U!!!



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