Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A BIG Thank You

Just before leaving Nashville last Friday, I received a package. I packed it up with the rest of my stuff and brought it down to Riverside. I could barely stand waiting to open it since it came from Queen Vallen herself. It sat in the living room chair where I eyed it for two days. I finally couldn't wait any longer and opened it on Sunday.

I bet you could hear me squeal from where you are when I found one of Vallen's lovely tea cozies in the box. Oh! Of course, I was terribly envious when I saw her making them. She felt my "greenness" and took it upon her sweet little self to send me one! I can't wait to get it home and put it up in my kitchen.

Not only did she send the tea cozy, but look at all the beautiful papers she plopped in the box too. All kinds o' sheet music with "Rose" in it and some old library card catalog cards! Do you remember them? I think it's a shame library's don't use them any longer. I honed in on my alphabetizing skills by using them as a child. We all probably did! Yuk, everything all computerized now. There was just something special about flipping through the cards. Of course, I always found an extra book or two just by flipping by a new title. Oh well, no turning back, I suppose. I just think it's a loss. {Rant Off.} I can't wait to get everything back to make something fun out of everything. Val, you're the bestest. Thank you so much.

Today, I was able to get my Thank You Card Swap off. (I used one of my cards above for Val.) I decided to do my first Mo Jackson's swap. I love her "doo's." I first learned about them through dear Mrs. Staggs. I've been hooked ever since but have been totally intimidated to do any swaps there. I finally just bit the bullet and signed up. It was a lot of fun making the cards using all of her doo dads. Oh my. It's always a great feeling to finish a swap and get it off in the mail. I'm beginning to learn my way around town. I found a new way to get to the kids' art class which is a prettier drive. Another Oh My! You drive through "Polo Land." which my brother will die for when he finally comes down to visit. He's an avid polo fan and player; so imagine the amazement to find polo grounds right down the road from us! Gee whiz. Anyway, this scenic route is actually easier and faster to get into town. Lovin' it! Normally it's the ugly routes that are faster, right? I found a new little post office, almost in Point Clear, that is easier to get in and out of than the big Fairhope PO. I was happy to find that! (I was still about ten minutes late in picking the kids up--only one person in front of me; but you know small-town. She had to tell us--the clerk and I--about her little vacation she had just returned from. Gotta love small-town sweetness. I am still learning to slow down. Yes, it's a couple notches slower than Nashville even. Grin. It's wonderful.

Here's the latest of baby Bella. (Let's see if I can figure out the video thing--this pic will hold you over until I get it figured out!) She is just too cute for words. Little bugger just loves my tooth picks! (Hehe, listen to the kids in the background!!!! Hillarious!!!)


Vallen said...

Watching the video is kind of like being right there in Riverside. Oh and the kitten is a hoot.
Glad you like the tea cozy. I'm going to check out that card stuff.

The Woman said...

Beautiful goodies!

Bella and our Ralphy would make fast friends I'm sure. He is 4 months old.

Janet said...

Oh, that tea cozy is beautiful and so are all those thank you cards! You must never sleep!!

Bella is just too darned cute! I miss having a tiny kitten around. Hmm....maybe I'll have to sweet talk HB....naw! That won't happen!

Raphaƫl said...

Bella is SO CUTE!! I love the picture you took!
Unfortunately I didn't manage to watch the Video! :-(

Dianne said...

Oh gosh...I love your new baby. I wish I still lived there so I could come over and hold her. Miss you

Anonymous said...

That kitty is just too cute. Hope we get to see her in her video debut real soon.

Take care,



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