Friday, February 11, 2011

New Post

I couldn't think up a name, so . . .  Seems it's hibernation mode down here in the South.  Burr doggy, it's colder than a, well, you know.  So cold I've even been dripping some faucets!  Now that's cold!   I've been hunkered down in the house staying warm.  I'm still cleansing.

Not only am I cleansing myself, I have been in the basement "cleansing" that.  Oh my.  The things I have saved over the years boggles the mind.  I am, however, happy I saved some of my 45s.  The kid didn't even know what a 45 was!  Oy.  Now, that's scary (and a sign that I'm old).  I figure if I start cleaning out now, clean some every day, by the time we get ready to move in a year and a half, it should be finished!  ha!!  Ya think?  (It is that bad.)  But I know exactly where I get the hoarding issues from.  I remember, as if it were yesterday, cleaning out my mom's house that we all grew up in.  I said, "Daig, mom, did you save every box that was ever mailed to you???!"  Well guess what I'm finding in my own basement?  Boxes, from everywhere!  With nothing in them!  Wha????  Kooky.

In between cleanses, the hub and I went to see Robert Plant and the Band of Joy in Nashville this week.  I had purchased the new album at Thanksgiving when the bro was here.  I had all but forgot about it as everything happened right then.  A friend in Virginia (who I had seen Led Zeppelin with back in the early 70s) went to see them and raved.  So, I had to go, too.  Of course.  I dragged the hub with me.  As I may have mentioned, the hub's and my musical tastes are quite different.  The kid's take? "Mom is Frank Zappa whereas my father is Frank Sinatra."  hahaha.  But, he is always a good sport and went along.  It was a lot of fun.  Honestly?  I enjoyed The North Mississippi Allstars better.  Go figure.  Now, those two guys rocked it.  When Robert and the BOJ came on, the music was a lot slower.  The audience sat motionless.  I could hardly stand it.  I mean, this is Robert friggin' Plant!  At least sway or shimmy, if only a little bit.  Oh well.  I did.  The band was crazy good.  The drummer, Marco Giovino, stood out in my mind the most.  He had a very distinct sound, which is rare with drummers, to my ear, anyway.  Buddy Miller played some great guitar and Patty Griffin's voice range fit right in with Robert's.  I'm happy I went.

The next day, it snowed.  The kid took these on he and the hub's walkabout.  Beauties!

And, what a beauty Bella is.  The sun is shining brightly today.  Unfortunately, it's not bringing near enough warmth for our liking!

Hope all's well in your neck of the woods!


Janet said...

The box hoarding....I do it, too! HB thinks I'm crazy but you just never know when you'll need that certain size box!

I love me some Robert Plant! Led Zeppelin was one of my favorite bands. I saw RP on TV recently and he has not aged well. Looking at him made me feel really old!

Pretty Things said...

Your kitty looks like one of mine (although mine is so big I think he could eat yours).

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Nice! Led Zeppelin is great...

Bella is so pretty!



Jeanie said...

Gorgeous photos and the concert sounds like a wonderful time, even if not quite what you expected.

Of course you have a fabulous pic of my favorite pin-up girl, Ms. B! She looks in her element -- lovely lighting! That really is the loveliest expression.

Your house cleansing sounds like something I need to do. (Truth be told, I should do both!) Good for you!

PEA said...

Happy Valentine's Day, dear Rosa:-) Make sure you come over to pick up your Valentine!!

Hey, if I have to freeze over here, then so do you over there! lol When I woke up this morning around 5:30 it was blizzard like conditions out 11 a.m. the sun was shining! Still very windy and frigid though.

Lucky you to have seen Robert Plant in concert. That's someone I would love to go see.

I still have all of my 45's as well and once in a while I even play them! lol Brings back so many memories. I don't think my older brothers realize it but I also have their old Beatle 45's...shhhhh don't tell them. hehe

Bella is so gorgeous! xoxo



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