Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Missed Birthday

Johnny would have been 56 today.  Missing him dearly.

This was taken in the 60s, probably waiting for a protest to start here at the Washington Monument in DC. He was quite the hippie.  We used to pile into the wagon as a family and actually drive him into town for the war demonstrations.  His hair was considered LONG here!

Miss you Johnny!


Robin said...

Birthdays and important holidays are tinged with sadness. Try to keep the happy memories in your heart!
Love the picture!!!

Lena said...

What a cutie your brother was at that age, Rosemary. He'll always, always be in your heart.

I saw a show recently on the Beatles, and I was so surprised at how really short their hair was when they first became well known. Goodness, if folks had only known!

My stepbrother, who passed away suddenly when he was 48, organized marches for peace here in Seattle. Some of the big ones. It was awkward sometimes, as my Dad was a Viet Nam vet, but they became very close over the years, and I remember, that it was my Dad who ironed the shirt that my step-brother was wearing for the memorial and all.

The memories that come back to us. Sometimes it's just the little things somedays, and then, there are these great big days.

Sending you love today.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

A nice picture!



Jeanie said...

Oh, hugs to you -- days like this are so hard for a long while. But this photo and post is a wonderful way to remember Johnny. Just perfect.



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